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Goodbye, Artisans.

Yes, the Artisan Showcase is over. Lots of work for a one day event, but I’ve been wanting to do this for years, so it was a pleasure to do the work.

Started out with some big, bare spaces and started filling them up a bit at a time.AS 1 AS 2 AS 3

The paintings arrived first, along with the felted items…

AS 4 AS 5 AS 6 AS 8

and I started filling in with some of my stuff.

AS 7 AS 9

Enter the glass and more mixed media…

AS 11 AS 12 AS 13

and we were ready!

I did not take one picture during the course of the day, but I talked to everyone who came in and enjoyed myself immensely.

Surprised by some of the people who did not show up as well as those who did. Like my daughter-in-law who came to help wherever she could, all day long! Very few people who came, left without making a purchase which surprised me even more. Many Christmas gifts were purchased and everyone seemed to like the opportunity to shop quality goods.

We ended the day feeling like a group of very talented women…compliments will do that! There were lessons learned about promotion and some initial difficulty getting wifi devices connected to my system! And then we didn’t need them–it was very much a cash/check day…so much easier!

Personally, I loved it and am looking forward to another show next year. And I’m very tired…looking forward very much to a restful day tomorrow.



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More autumn love

Autumn grass 2

Autumn grass 1


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Autumn love…

Autumn14 3

Autumn14 2

Autumn14 1

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What’s New?

I’m working on a show for my friends and myself! We make art and we need to showcase what we make…sooooooooo, I’m having an Artisan Showcase.

Showcase Photo

I’m so looking forward to this even though it means I have to really buckle down and do some house cleaning! That’s the only drawback to this that I can think of, since I hate to clean!

This is something I have wanted to do for several years and just never pursued. It’s about time that it’s not just talk, talk, talk. I’m excited!


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Someone keeps count…

I imagine a darkened room with a group of pasty-skinned accountants keeping track of who publishes what…I know the reality is a bit of computer programming that can add, but I’ve been informed by WordPress that I have published 700 posts.


Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? But it’s really not much when you just think of it as posting little bits of what I am doing as I go along day to day.

It sounds like I should have a giveaway or something, though, doesn’t it?

Okay—who wants a fat quarter of hand-dyed fabric? My choice.

My Wall O' Color!

Stand up and be counted for a chance and I’ll share with you!


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I could be a geek…

I love geography and maps and looking at awesome scenery, but I don’t really study geographic information.

Tonight at the end of the nightly newscast, they showed a picture of Sioux Falls.

Sioux Falls

I felt totally stupid when I realized that Sioux Falls HAS falls. Probably why it got it’s name. I just never saw a picture of that town before and it was a real DUH! moment.

old Sioux Falls

So, of course that led me to spend time looking up all the info I could on Sioux Falls, especially pictures.

There were a lot of cool pictures that made me think it might be a wonderful place to visit. Then I found this picture

icy Sioux Falls

and remembered where Sioux Falls actually IS.

Maybe sometime in the spring or fall, ’cause I hear summer can be blazing hot…but I don’t want to take a chance on getting there too close to winter. Brrrrr!

But it did make me realize once again what a beautiful and diverse country we live in. Always something new to see and learn!

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Cleaning House

Just in the studio, not the whole house! Over the past several months, I have found myself saying that I have more fabric than I could use if I lived to be 200 years old. I’ve said it quite a few times and that has finally registered in my consciousness.

Too much stuff! But…but…but…it’s stuff that I love and think I’m going to use someday. C’mon–really? It’s time to start doing something about it. Commercial fabrics–hand dyes–whatever! Things have to GO!

Over the next little while, I’m going to start offering up some of the items that I can live without. That means mostly fabric. I could give it to charity, but then someone is forced to use it that may not even like it. So, I think I’ll post pictures of fabrics that people may actually want to have. Pick up if you live close to me or pay postage if you are far away.

And, oh my gosh, if you know anyone who would like quilting magazines, please send them my way!

There are people who sell their fabric on ebay, but I think I’d rather just have it go to a good home, especially if it were to go to a beginning quilter. It comforts me, like “We took the dog out to a farm and it will live happily ever after there.”

I’ll miss it, but not that much.

Here’s the first of what I’d like someone to adopt.

Fabric gone 1

Two half yard pieces on the left and 6 fat quarters on the right, and you have to take it all!  Call, comment, email…whatever works for you. First come, first served!



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