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Whacky wax day

The Knot Even Quilters met this week…you may know that my family and I call the group the Whacky Quilters. Our play time was devoted to soy wax resist.

We assembled our wax pots–two small skillets–and piles of stuff with which to apply the wax.

Soy wax 1

Over the years of playtime meetings, we have learned to bring more fabric than we think we’ll ever use, because we show each other things and then we all want to try them. Here are a couple shots of how the wax was applied.

Soy wax 2 Soy wax 3

We had decided in advance that we were waxing only–no painting or dyeing, so we’ll have to wait until next time to see the results. But we got some ideas from our venue!

We meet in the classroom of a cross stitch and yarn shop and the owner had just met with a yarn rep who sold hand painted yarns. They were piled in a chair right next to me…oh, the temptation! The color inspiration! Yummmmmm!

Soy wax 4

Just as I became determined to eliminate my yarn stash, she does THIS to me! Do I want it in order to actually knit something from it? Oh, no–I just want it to look at and fondle! I WILL resist!



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Spring–hello and good-bye!

Spring is such a longed for event after a long winter, especially after a winter such as this one.

Taking a vacation in Florida is a great break from snow and ice, but it spoils you a bit for going back. The dogwoods and redbuds are just starting to bud out here so I know that spring is coming. Hooray!

Redbud FL

But I have to leave and go back to the snow and ice…good-bye spring! We have occasionally had spring all the way home and continuing on through after we get there. This time, there’s not a chance!

Home Feb

Too much snow, too much ice, too much cold. Brrrr! At least I have warm quilts to snuggle up with!


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Hidden Doorways

The doors that are set back from the street…that lead to apartments or an individual office or a private studio…these doorways caught my attention today…

Doorways 3

Doorways 2

Doorways 1

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Wool project 3

Since my last wool project is still on the naughty pile, I decided to tackle the final project that I brought on vacation with me.

I showed you my beginnings with the yarn

Wool play 4

and now I’m starting to add beads. The ‘plan’ is to bead this heavily along the established yarn lines, sort of like a dark river.

Started with this

Wool proj 3 1

and want to use this beautiful raku cabachon.

Wool proj 3 2

Well, I immediately realized that I should have brought all the other beads that I had laid out by this piece. I left all the burgundy and purple beads at home because I thought there was too much contrast. And now, here I am wishing I had every one of those beads!

Fortunately, there is a great bead store here in Deland called Kathryn’s Beads and Baubles.

Unfortunately for my pocketbook, there is a great bead store here…

Oh, I need to go shopping now!

Linking to Off the Wall Friday…lots to see there as people link up!


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Projects beginning

When I picked up my little wool projects to get started, I just felt that the wool was soft and needed a bit more support before I could stitch and bead. My normal Sew Lazy Stiff Stuff was just too heavy. I went to my drawer of interfacing ‘stuff’ and found a big hunk of Decor Bond—perfect! Lightweight and fusible. One of the 3 little projects is very thick, recycled woolen sweater, so it won’t need any stabilizing, but the others do.

This is the beginning…

Wool project FL2

The topmost squares are purchased wool squares that are supposed to be felted, but the weave is still very loose on them. I attempted to felt them into the background. It worked, but not very well. Enough to keep them in place for sewing, but I’m not sure I’m sold on those raw edges. Fusing them to the background might have been a better solution, but that’s an experiment yet to come.

I’m trying to re-learn all the embroidery stitches I knew a century ago…glad there is a lot of info available ’cause I’m pretty rough!

Wool project FL3

Got a few beads thrown on, so it’s a good start to the day.

And it’s so good to get out and walk without the hat and mittens and scarf and boots. Here’s what caught my eye–azaleas started to bloom and some unknown to me plant that’s really beautiful.

Feb flowers2

Feb flower1

Nice day!


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New Giveaway, with a catch

My friend Kat proposed a Pay It Forward challenge and I’m going to play along. Here’s what the deal is…

Pay It Forward 2014

I will send a small artwork, sometime in 2014, to the first 10 people who comment on this, saying they are in. In return you must post this on your FB page or blog, and send an artwork to 10 people. You don’t send to me, unless I comment on your post as you have done on mine.
It may be something quite small, like a postcard or trading card size. Or you may send a piece as large as you like. The only rules are, you must post a Pay it Forward on your own page, you must send an artwork during this year, to the first 10 people who say they are in. And you must send me a link to your post.
Remember, you must tell me you are in! Any other comment doesn’t count. I will need your address, so send by message, so it’s private.

Are you in????

I think I’ve seen a couple of other people I know through the internet working on this type of challenge also. It just sounds like fun to me and I’m really happy to think about giving away some of my art. Fun!

Linking to Off the Wall Friday.


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KEQ Collage

The Knot Even Quilters had another fun collage day. This time we all brought a piece of green background fabric, fat quarter size and then added elements. Last time we kept our shapes primarily geometric and this time we tried to cut some more organic shapes. It was quite a different feeling, also, to be working on many individual pieces and not working together on one larger piece.

Here are the pics–not all good, and I apologize–then I’ll tell you what we learned! Click on any picture for a larger look.

We forgot our lesson from the last collage day! We needed to place larger pieces first, not try to fit them in later or forget about them entirely.

We had lots more smaller detail pieces on these. We tried to make some of those details on top of larger pieces, but we really did not have enough of that kind of contrast.

Because we had fat quarter pieces to begin with, we scattered our pieces all over the entire piece. When we took a time out to do an assessment, we agreed that we needed to scrunch our pieces closer together. There was too much open, empty space when we spread out over the full fat quarter. The elements weren’t connecting with each other, either physically or artistically. We were all happier with our results when we scrunched them in!

We did not try to coordinate any type of color scheme. Last time we all brought “brights.” We might have done better if we had planned a color scheme. Don’t know for sure–just a feeling I have.

These types of exercises are just so much fun! It makes us all think hard about the design elements of good art, about color and shape and line…maybe next time we play like this we will go with a smaaaaaallllleer size where every single element takes on much more importance.

Can’t wait to see what is done with these. Trish and Julia both finished and brought what they had created from the last collage day….I didn’t have my camera and forgot about my phone, so I don’t have photos. Hope to get all the finished pieces from both collage days next time AND remember my camera!


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Almost forgot…

I have a give away going on! For blog number 600, I’m giving away this little piece of art.

Tympani 1

I put all the names in a bowl

name bowl

and had my grandson pull out the winner. He thought I was being pretty silly, but here’s the winner!

winner name

It’s Kathy!

I’ll get that to you right away. Thanks to all of you for playing!


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Lunch at Linda’s

Today I found out why I volunteered to be a pattern tester. We got together at Linda’s house to go over all the pattern directions and our individual issues and suggestions. That took quite a while and was very enlightening for me, as I have never tested someone else’s pattern before. It’s a wonderful process, when done as thoroughly as Linda does.

We got a little tour of her studio—totally unreal! It was immaculately clean, well organized and with beautiful displays. I just know that it doesn’t look like that all the time. If I thought it did, I’d have to just give my studio space up as a lost cause! It was actually very inspiring.

THEN we had lunch…and it wasn’t just a bowl of chili and a dinner roll! Linda’s husband John seems to be a gourmet chef in his spare time. We had this for a first course

Lunch at Linda's

and after that, my camera didn’t make it out…I can’t begin to describe what each thing is, but there was blue cheese, carmelized onions, dates, salmon, sausage. Ooo la la–fancy and sooooooo delicious.

THEN we had parsnip and apple soup—more deliciousness!

THEN there was a marvelous salad with mushrooms and onions and lettuce and fried goat cheese and…and…and…

THEN we had dessert………something chocolate and fancy or cheesecake. Or, as most of the ladies said…just a little slice of each!

It was so wonderful to have such a marvelous meal and all I did was make a bag! I absolutely cannot wait for Linda to have a new pattern that needs testing. I will be first in line to do that, just so I can enjoy another lovely meal.

Oh, did I neglect to mention that it was a delightful group of women, lots of great conversation and just a perfect way to spend a Saturday? Well, it was!

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WordPress keeps track of how many posts I make and this one will be number 600. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? There are many people who have been blogging longer than I have, who have a more commercial presentation or more glamorous…I blog to show my art work, some of my processes, sometimes my family, my experiments, good or bad. It’s a personal journal, really.

In that spirit, and to honor that mini-milestone, I want to give away a piece of my art. Yes, I have tons of fabric that I could give away or tons of other things that are the epitome of ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.’ But I want to give something to someone who actually wants it. If that’s you, you only need to leave a comment and I’ll select a winner this weekend.

Here’s what I’m sharing…

Tympani 1

Tympani 5 x 20 Cotton, fused and stitched

It’s a very unusual size– 5 X 20, so it’s ready to nestle into a small space. If this is something you would like, tell me!

This will be linked to Off the Wall Friday also, so be sure to check out all those linked blogs…great stuff!


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