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The map has a meaning?

Maybe I’m feeling a bit philosophical right now, but I think the map quilt that I just finished has some deeper significance than using up extra fabric. I had 3 pieces of fabric with maps on them and originally they were all going to go into a quilt together just because they were maps. I rejected one of them. The colors weren’t really compatible with the others and it just looked a bit too cartoonish. I used a large variety of other fabrics and assembled my quilt with a definite north-south orientation.

Deb's Map quilt 1

There were a few edits after this pic and then I started quilting it. I couldn’t bring myself to do the whole thing in a straight line grid, as this fabric suggested.

Map quilting 1

But maps are marked off and measured that way, as if you could get from one location to another by following that grid. The other map fabric showed some latitude and longitude lines, but it wanted a swirly design–like the winds that blew the early sailors and explorers from place to place.

Map detail 2

The rows of up and down strips are surely meant to be jungles and trees and grasses found in all those new lands. Map detail 1

I don’t usually give this kind of thought to ‘quilt’ quilts that I make. They are only covers, meant to keep you warm. Art quilts most often have some deeper thoughts behind them. I have no idea why this one made me so fanciful but I guess maps can open your thoughts up to all the possibilities of the wide world.

Map quilt done

In the real world, though, I’m happy knowing that I can make something to keep my loved ones warm and snuggly. Most days that’s as wide as my world needs to be.


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Simple stitching

It’s always so enjoyable to sit and stitch on a quiet day.

Stitching on a leaf 1

I’ve got a bunch of leaves that I’ve stamped or stenciled on fabric so it’s easy to pick one up, thread a needle and begin to stitch.

No plan, simple running stitch for the most part…pure enjoyment.

Stitching on a leaf 2

Probably needs a little beading bling before I’m done with it, though!


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Glue stamp, stencil, paint…

Time to try out the glue stamps! They aren’t really as delicate as they look, either!

When you take them off the silicon sheet, the bottom side is flat and a perfect stamp. I laid it out with that side up and applied paint. I’ll tell you right now that 1) I made a very large stamp, 2) large stamps take a lot of paint, and 3) a sponge foam roller is not the best applicator of paint to stamps. The makeup sponge worked better.

Glue stamp paint 1

I flipped the stamp over onto the fabric and ran over it with a brayer.

Glue stamp paint 2

The paint looks lighter on this side, and that was my first clue that the sponge roller might not have delivered enough paint.

Glue stamp paint 3

I simply repeated with another color, using the other applicator and making sure there was a lot of paint on the stamp. I didn’t try to line it up exactly with the first stamp, either. It just didn’t seem to need that bit of exactitude!

Glue stamp paint 5

Came out pretty well. I can certainly work with this. Stuck with the same stamp for the next experiment. I used it as a stamp, then a stencil and spritzed more paint over it.

Glue stamp paint 6

This came out really pretty and I’m eager to make something with it.

And because I just can’t waste any paint, I grabbed a piece of fabric and laid it on top of this while the stamp was still on it and the paint was wet. Tip: have ironed fabric available because those fold lines leave small straight lines when you take the impression.

Glue stamp paint 7

But even this came out very useable, for a clean up cloth! And cleaning the stamp was a simple swish in cool water. There is a tiny bit of paint visible, but that won’t affect anything.

Glue stamp paint 4

Right now I’m very much in love with glue gun stamps. I have more to play with but a few days with outside responsibilities before I can get back to this. Now I can’t wait! So much fun!!!


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Taking time out from playing with paint and trying to get the map quilt finished.

Deb's Map quilt 1

I thought I wanted lots of straight line quilting, based on the latitude and longitude lines on one of the map fabrics. That’s where I started with the quilting.

Map quilting 1

I have not even finished those lines on that section of fabric and I’m changing my mind…because it’s booooooring! I like loops and swirls and wavy lines and truly free motion quilting. I’m trying to convince myself that the straight lines will really look better on this quilt and go ahead with the boring-ness, but it’s a losing battle!

If I can just finish this section with the straight lines, surely that will be enough.

Map quilting 2

I have no discipline!


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Paint and COLOR!

Color really is my thing–lots of it. Bright and bold and beautiful. I’ve always gotten my fix from commercial fabric, but I’m starting to become more and more interested in creating my own fabric. So here was my plan for the day–hand dyes, paint, stencils, stamps–and that’s exactly what I did!

Fabric, hand dyes:

Playing with paint 11

Paints, stencils, stamps:

Playing with paint 7 Playing with paint 8 Playing with paint 9 Playing with paint 10

Here’s the whole package:

Playing with paint 12

And I have a plan…improv piecing, mixing these up, maybe with the plain dyed fabric, maybe not. Or, just possibly, straight line cutting and piecing, no curves. Then stitching and more stitching and I’m pretty sure there will be some beads involved.

And a couple of little pieces from paint clean up. I’m surprised that I like these, as purple-ish as they are!

Playing with paint 13

In assembling pieces for my recent Artisan Showcase, I realized that I am often working on a series without consciously recognizing that. Now that I’m aware of it, I won’t try to stop myself from doing ‘the same old thing’ but just go with the flow of it. Didn’t know I had that much to explore in City Grids!


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Golden Inspiration

Leaf printing in the fall is one of my favorite activities, because I use real leaves. I try to get a variety, but I DO live in a mostly maple tree area.

There are always decorative trees in people’s yards and this year I was on the lookout for gingko trees. I actually found three and I was very excited because I love gingko leaves. I found these this morning and I’m totally in love with them!

Golden Gingkoes 1

This fabric has been hoarded in my stash for years!

Golden Ginkoes 6

Haven’t found or made the ‘perfect’ pattern for it though.

And, of course, I made this gingko quilt quite a few years ago.

Golden Ginkoes 5

I wanted to arrange and re-arrange the leaves all day long to get detailed pictures.

Golden Gingkoes 2

Planning on getting some thermofax screens made, but now I don’t want just a single leaf, nor do I want just a single screen.

Golden Gingkoes

Yes, I want to overwhelm myself with gingko projects. Love, love, love these!!! And I haven’t even printed with them yet!


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Secret Stalker

My local Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild has a great time together. This month we finished up our Secret Stalker projects. Secret Stalker? Does it sound ominous? It’s just lots of fun.

We all put a bit of info on a slip of paper…name, social media sites, favorite color or not so favorite colors or styles…hints and helps for whomever draws your name. Then you ‘stalk’ and make a small quilt and we can’t wait for the big reveal!

Secret Stalker 1

This is what I got this year, from Caroline…a quilt, AND a new mug, AND beads AND a supremely funny story about her stalker journey! I just totally love it, but I feel a bit guilty about all the extra gifts.

But I also got a great idea–I think–to commemorate it all in one package.

I’m going to make a line drawing from the flowers on the mug.

Secret Stalker 3

I can put that on the quilt and thread draw on top of the quilt.

Then I’ll embellish with some of the beads on the flowers.

Secret Stalker 2

I kind of hate to alter what Caroline has done, but I want to always have a rememberance of the entire story–even if I’m clumsy and drop the mug and use up all the beads!

The Secret Stalker is an absolute fun guild activity for us and it really helps in getting to know people you might not have found out about in the normal course of things. I so appreciate the work that goes into the quilt I receive and I have so much fun making something for a new friend.

Stephanie received this quilt from me…


…because usually she’s serious and on the straight and narrow, also bright and bubbly, but sometimes she goes off on a tangent!

I love the Secret Stalker! So much better than a Secret Santa just because you get to know someone a little bit!


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