It’s a total no-decision day!

Soooooooo many things I could, and probably should be doing. There simply is no motivation for me to do any of them. I’m at a total laziness point…er, should I call that a crossroads, or a contemplative moment or a re-charge day? Those all sound better than being lazy and not making a decision about any single thing.

I am happy to report, though, that Harvest Moons is bound, sleeved and labeled and will be presented for consideration in our January exhibit at the Northville Art House.

A quick snapshot–didn’t even get it straight!

What all do I need to do today? Laundry…yeah, it can sit there. We have enough clean clothes for a few more days! Get hubby’s Christmas present? That’s a winner, since it only involves sending off a check! Back up the computer? Sure, doing it as I type this because it takes no effort whatsoever. Cooking? Nope. Hubby went out to lunch and is bringing back dinner, and any day I don’t have to cook is a good day. Finding out what everyone else wants for Christmas? It needs to be done and I think we’re going shopping tomorrow–in real stores, not online. Maybe I need to rest up for that. Whew! That’s enough real work for one day. Now back to ‘contemplation’!

What projects am I contemplating? Well, there are those 3 scrap quilts ready and waiting to be stitched.

Or I could start something totally new…nah…not happening!

Remember the fabric made with the water soluble stabilizer?

That’s been kicking around the top of the cutting table for months now, with one lonely little leaf stitched into it.

I could do more of that. Makes lots of leaves and/or flowers. It’s a big piece of fabric. But it really is easier to use this type of fabric if you have a specific project in mind, and right now I don’t.

Speaking of leaves, I preserved a bunch this year to use for printing and haven’t done any of that yet. Maybe I should get out the paints and play with these.

Or not.

I have a piece called The Moon is Sleeping that I made several years ago. It has always felt unfinished to me. Even though it has a lot of foo-foo on it, I’m pretty sure it needs MORE!

When I talk about color, I always talk about contrast, and there is not enough in this piece to really make the tree stand out from the background. It might win out on the what-to-do scale because it’s a picky, fiddly little process to add more to it and might fit the slow mood I’m in.

And then there are word games to play on the computer and the phone. Hmmmm…I think that and reading a book are going to be the winners today. Then I can keep thinking of things to do (and NOT to do) in the background and pretend that I’m coming up with a plan of action!

Let’s see…that computer back up is about done and my book is within reach……….quiet time is here.



A little thinking…

As I have mentioned more than once, I don’t usually pre-plan my quilting designs. I know that many people do, but it’s just not my way of working.¬† So I got the Harvest Moons quilt ready to go and pretty easily figured out what I wanted to do…until I came to the crescent parts!

Quite a few sections like this and I didn’t know what to do with them.

Thought about pebbles…random meandering…echoing the curve…outlining each crescent piece…nothing seemed right and all seemed like it would mean a big wrestling match with the quilt. After a little thought, I had a Duh! moment. The quilting was simply outlining the geometrics in the print and it seemed like something similar would be perfect for those spaces.

Yes, there was some wrestling, but I guess you can’t avoid that when doing a large quilt on a small machine! And it actually went very quickly.

Tomorrow’s job will be label, binding, sleeve and deciding if this is something that should go in the January exhibit! And I thought I was done with those exhibit thoughts………….need to make my selections and stick with them.

Anyway, this¬† will be done tomorrow and that means moving on to another new—oh, no-no-no–older project. I have several of those scrap baby quilts left to quilt. They are ready to go and looking at me with guilt making colors! Better get them done, even though there are no babies on the horizon. They will find a new home, though, but that can’t happen until they are finished.

ONWARD to finishing!

Start of a finish

Trying hard to stick to my resolution–no new projects until I clear up some of the old. And it’s not like I don’t love them. I do. But quilting a full-size quilt takes a lot longer than creating a 16 x 20 piece, so I procrastinate.

This is the project I have decided to finish up.

Don’t recall what I might have called it during assembly, but today it has the name of Harvest Moons.

And since I rarely, if ever, plan out a quilting pattern, it took me a few minutes to figure out what I was going to do.

I am simply following the shapes in the pattern, randomly.

On the orange. Still have to figure out what I’m going to do on the blue, and there are fan-shapes and crescent shapes of both.

It looks good on the back so far, so I’m definitely going to continue the orange fabric like this.

Now that I’ve actually started on the time consuming part of the work, I’m okay with spending all the time necessary to do it right.

So–stick to the resolution! No new projects until at least this older is finished!

One little bit MORE

What’s a night light picture without a bit of glitter? Had to add a little bit more to that piece and now I think I can let it alone…perhaps!

In the full picture, you can’t even tell I’ve added any gold sparkly thread.

It does sparkle a bit in the light. You can almost tell in the detail shots.

But even if the pictures don’t show that detail, it adds enough to make me happier.

Now I am going to get it out of my house or else I will keep adding more things to it!

Night Lights BRIGHT

Dissatisfaction can make me put up a piece on the shelf or DO something about it. This time I got right after it and added lots of stuff to the unsatisfactory Night Lights piece.

This is the piece as I left it yesterday.

Rather blah and not conveying my idea of bright city lights at night at all.

After looking at the picture for a while, I got a few ideas.

I started adding yarns………

and more yarns and a bit of ribbon. It made the image pop.

I quite like it now. It’s got a bit of character. It will do!

Now on to the next adventure!

Night Lights

That’s the title of that new little sample I worked up for Textiles in Milan. I made blocks to show how to sew and assemble and enough blocks to make a finished sample. This is the second time I’ve tried to make a black and brights sample and I’ve not been thrilled with either one. But it’s almost finished and it will make a good teaching tool.

Arranging the blocks is very arbitrary and size doesn’t always matter.

That’s why I wait before I trim them. I add bits and pieces and trim as needed during assembly!

Remember that with most improv sewing, exact size doesn’t matter until final assembly and when adding those bits and pieces, it’s mostly important to find or make a straight edge and sew a straight seam.

I was more focused on getting it done than I was on the artistic aspects of what I was trying to convey, so I will readily admit that this could be quite a bit more attractive. In fact, I added one more little bit of color after this pic!

Now it’s all quilted and ready for squaring up and binding. I think it’s never too late to add more and this may really need it. I’ll get that finishing done and then decide.

Yeah, not lighting my fire, and just looking at the picture, I’ve got several ideas for improvements. I’d like to get it to the shop tomorrow, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Got more work to do…………..