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Next Step Day

While I have several projects going on at the same time, it seems totally right to stick with the Siddi quilt idea. I’m almost certain that the small quilt will be mounted on a larger piece of fabric and then more embellishment–probably a lot more–will be added. Not sure of the final format but I’m… Continue reading Next Step Day

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Siddi Quilts AKA Kawandi

What is a Siddi quilt? Here’s a link with more info, but basically they are hand-stitched textile creations made by African-Indian women. That link can take you down a rabbit hole of interesting knowledge, but here’s the short story. These kawandi can closely resemble the quilts you have on your beds, although they are constructed… Continue reading Siddi Quilts AKA Kawandi

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Scrappy fast fun

Things worked out so that I had an entire day to play in the studio–so I did! I grabbed the first scrap basket on the shelf and started pulling pieces out that I liked. Little piles here and there, sorting and stacking, rejecting and adding until I finally ended up with a little bunch that… Continue reading Scrappy fast fun

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Just in time–

Yep, I finished the Big Triangle quilt just in time. Tomorrow will be spent with the grandson, schoolwork and then skating so no studio time. While I love helping out with the schoolwork, I think my mind may not be fully on it! I could be planning the next project. I also have a quilt… Continue reading Just in time–

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Straight edges!

The Big Triangle quilt top is assembled! I didn’t make the half-triangles to an exact size, since they were just the end cuts from my strips for the triangles. That means that the edges of the quilt need to be trimmed straight. The full triangles were cut to the exact, correct size, by the way.… Continue reading Straight edges!

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Working towards a good design

Sometimes you have to quit thinking and cut some fabric! I did not go crazy and cut up ALL of my largest pieces, but I cut into my favorites for more variety. I got some background triangles cut, too, and it helps to see how things should look. I have a crazy angle on this… Continue reading Working towards a good design

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Triangles–getting started

There are still a huge number of questions floating around in my brain about this triangle project, but I settled on enough answers to get started. First priority on this is to use the stash! However, not wanting to waste the stash, I began cutting triangles out of the fat quarters from my selection pile.… Continue reading Triangles–getting started