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Snowman time!

The idea of turning children’s drawings into little stuffies has always appealed to me and when I had the opportunity to be a part of the local school’s project—-well, there is no way I could say no to that!!! Kindergarten students made snowman drawings and we get to turn them into real items! These are… Continue reading Snowman time!

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Mindless stitching

All that thread that is not in great shape is getting made into thread fabric. This post is gonna be picture heavy and long, so that I can show you each step and my results. Just in case you have a bunch of old thread, too! Usually, I work with water soluble stabilizer that is… Continue reading Mindless stitching

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Not this either…

Working on another experiment today and it has NOT been successful! I have an abundance of old thread that I want to incorporate into more ‘made’ fabric. In the past I’ve used water soluble stabilizer and stitched away and been happy with my results. This time I wanted to try something else. I had a… Continue reading Not this either…

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Experiment DONE!!!

Our playtime is supposed to be fun, and this was not. The New York Beauty block and all it’s wonderful variations are totally someone else’s happy place. I’ll give you the quick picture story and then I am done, done, done with this block. Ready to go and to use my small scraps and have… Continue reading Experiment DONE!!!

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Fear of missing out is rarely on my radar. Today, I think it’s a Fear of Really Messing Up. I know what I want my end result to be, but I’m not quite able to find a path I like to get there. And, certainly, it’s only fabric and if I mess up it’s not… Continue reading FOMO…no, FORMU

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Down the rabbit hole

The Google rabbit hole grabbed me this morning and down that slippery slope I went! My initial thought was improv curves with my scraps, which I’ve done before. I thought I’d find some inspirational photos to get me started…HA! More than enough to get me started, and then I dove a little deeper. In the… Continue reading Down the rabbit hole

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Still deciding

I got some new fabric for Christmas and since I wash and iron all my fabric before I use it, I was able to pet and admire it today. And then I thought about some other fabrics that I had hoarded on my shelf. Would they look good together? Probably, with the right designing. And….wait…how… Continue reading Still deciding

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Exploration, excavation, experimentation

Seriously, people, it’s a time of year to think about what I want to work on next. I have no pressing obligations or deadlines, so the Road of Exploration is wide and clear. I certainly have any supplies I would need for a little Experimentation in any technique I desire. Oh, wait–I certainly have TOO… Continue reading Exploration, excavation, experimentation

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Every time I do this…

Every single time, I feel compelled to write about how easy it is! When it comes to squaring up a quilt, if you have a table with a square corner, there is nothing difficult about it. I am lucky enough to have a worktable that is about 34 x 72 so I can not only… Continue reading Every time I do this…