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Word of the day—EVERY day!

It’s getting close to Showcase day and the usual last minute panic is not attacking me. I know that we have a place, we are advertising as much as possible, everyone will come with beautiful art and we’re gonna have doughnuts. All is well. In the past, though, I have had last-minute, late-night work sessions,… Continue reading Word of the day—EVERY day!

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Squirrels and turns…

How often have you gone to the studio with one idea and been distracted into thinking about other projects? Um…yeah…ALL the time!!! I don’t need a project at all right now. I have plenty of inventory to put into my showcase so I thought it might be time to finish up a couple of nagging… Continue reading Squirrels and turns…

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Things always get so messy when I’m making cards. Little bits and pieces everywhere, until I’ve had enough. Thought that’s where I was at yesterday when I used my last blank… and then my new order arrived. I wanted to do something a bit different and picked up a pile of the scraps from the… Continue reading Cards……….

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Fiddly work

Busy, busy, busy but not so much on the creative side. Spent all day yesterday running around doing errands so didn’t get into the studio at all. I’m working on a new batch of cards and I’m afraid my brain went into “production” mode. I had a charm pack of fabrics and cut out a… Continue reading Fiddly work

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Dia de los Muertos class

I was soooo looking forward to teaching this class and I was not disappointed. I had 4 awesome students who worked so very hard on their own sugar skull blocks. Everyone had a different area in which they were quite proficient and we all worked together for success. It was great. One of the things… Continue reading Dia de los Muertos class

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Fun with class samples

There are times when life gets so busy that you aren’t sure if you are coming or going! That’s where I’m at right now. Lots of things going on, but almost all of it is fun stuff. NOT fun is needing the refrigerator fixed, but even that is not too bad. Parts are available and… Continue reading Fun with class samples

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What a mish-mash!

Nothing in my studio is getting finished, but there are lots of things started. There haven’t been big chunks of time available, as there were when we were staying home more. Yeah, we’ve been getting out and about a lot, feeling almost invincible since vaccination, but with the delta surge we getting a touch more… Continue reading What a mish-mash!