Taking a look

Sometimes it helps to take a look back at what you have actually done. I hung my latest Weekly Special pieces all together and felt pretty good about what I had finished.

WS collection spring

Plus this little thread sketch

WS smaller sketch

If you have been reading my blog, you’ve seen these already, but it makes me feel that I have been making good use of my time when I see them all together.

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And I still have these 6 squares ready to play with!

WS squares ready

Yep–it’s a feel good day today, even if I don’t actually get any work done!!


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All right!


WS circles with green beads finish

I love this little circle the best!

WS circles with green beads detail


WS blue bkgrd finish

I ended up using the orange beads, rather than any of the those greens.

WS blue bkgrd detail

It feels so good to have a couple of things finished!


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Try again…

The one piece that I was sure of was the circles with the black stitching. Black beads were going to be perfect.

WS circles with black beads

All they did was make the piece look dead and dull. There is more than enough black in this piece already. I need to find a different color of bead to add a little life to it. I’m guessing either turquoise or one of those funky greens. Sigh…

Waaaaay back in the dark recesses of my bead drawer, I found a bag of mixed blues-greens-clear size 8 beads that I used for a project. Maybe more than one project…it was a big bag. After trying any number of single colors on this piece, I decided that the mixed colors and larger size might be what I was after.

WS circles green beads

I wasn’t sure when I started, but as I went along I liked it more and more. Now that I see the picture, I’m convinced. The variety and size both give this piece some life.

And it’s a Weekly Special…the idea is to use up scraps, have something to work on all the time, to go for it, not agonize and to get it done!

It will be done tonight and the bonus is that I will be happy with it!



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Bead day decisions

Several of my projects are at the point where they need beads. Sometimes I know exactly which beads will work best and other times…well, let’s just say that I enjoy reviewing every. single. bead. that. I. own.

This one was decided pretty quickly–almost! I will be using black beads, but do I want the tiny ones or the ones that are a bit larger?

WS red thread beads

It was the large bead that inspired me to do a little thread sketching for this small (5 x 7) piece.

WS Smaller bldgs beads

I’m pretty sure that I want to fill in the ‘buildings’ with the brightly colored beads in the tube. That’s one good thing about beading. If I don’t like it, it’s easy enough to remove them and try something else.

I really want to make the correct choices for this piece. I definitely feel that beads are needed, but I’m not sure about placement OR color.

WS blue bkgrd beads

I think some lines radiating out from the two main circles…multi-colored? Muted and darker? Orange? Still making decisions about this one and since it is painted fabric, it’s harder to re-do if I change my mind. If I bead through a painted area and then take it out, the little hole remains and will show. So for these type projects, I want all my decisions made before I start.

Lovely little piece of embroidered fabric that I’m using in the 5 x 7 size. I just want to pump it up with some beads.

WS smaller floral beads

I think a mix of beads that reflect the colors of the flowers will work well.

Now that I have a few beads out and ready, I have to actually get the work done. I’m hoping the weather cooperates and I can sit outside on the deck for some relaxing handwork time!

Oh, no—the grass is growing!!!! Maybe not quite so much relaxing time…sigh!


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Back to business

Yep–back to the business of playing with beads and fabric! And right away I ran into decision time, which is always hard for me.

On the back of a top shelf, which I am too short to see into unless I stand on a stool, I found a chunk of ultrasuede in a lovely sage color. Of course, between my camera and my monitor, I can’t show you the true color, but believe me, it’s lovely!

Sage ultra 1

The stitching on it immediately made me think of nine patch quilts and traditional presentations. Is this the way to go for me? Not sure. Is it too cutesy? Let me show you what I’m thinking of doing.

Vintage buttons from Grandma’s button box

Sage ultra 2

Or Grandma’s jewelry box


Sage ultra 3

I certainly have enough fabric to do both, but is the whole concept too cheesy?  Love to hear your thoughts, too.

And I did make a final decision on the orientation and background color for this piece.

WS turquoise circles mounted

At least I can feel like I accomplished something!


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Taking a break

I think I’ll be away from blogging for about a week. Not bringing my computer, I don’t have a smart phone and I’ll be busy visiting with my mom. Just some relaxation time.

Hope to have some wonderful new ideas when I return!

philodendron selloum


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Questions today…

I’m painting some canvases, getting ready to mount some of the Weekly Special pieces, and I’m wondering if it’s necessary to paint the gessoed white canvas or can I use it as is if I just want white?

WS scrap block on white

Or does that make it look unfinished?

It’s not very exciting watching paint dry, so I started looking at my 4 turquoise scrap blocks. While I’m all amped up to get more Weekly Special pieces done, I’m wondering if I should think about making a larger piece with all of these.

WS turquoise blocks

I have more fabrics that would go with these, since I currently have a huge collection of things in the blue-green family…probably enough to make a full size quilt! Or several large size wall hangings.

Maybe not a full size quilt…it is quite time consuming to make blocks like this, which is why I like doing them for the 12 x 12 Weekly Special pieces. But still, I have a lot of fabric in that color way and it’s been a while since I’ve made a full size quilt…

Yep–watching paint dry takes you down some strange paths…


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