Starting fresh

Workshop project–I love learning new things, especially when the project WORKS!

Door 8

This is the picture I wanted to turn into a quilted wall hanging, but it needed to fit into a specific size for our group exhibit proposal. Well, I worked hard to try and make it fit that size and format, but this is a horizontal picture all the way. It did not want to be squeezed and stretched into a vertical shape! So glad I brought more than one picture from which to choose!

AND it gave me a chance to practice again on the method we were using in the class. Bonus!

Here’s my drawing/plan. I was looking for fabric to use for the bricks and re-found a bunch of silk drapery samples that I’ve had stashed away.

brick door 1

It was one of those AHA! moments and I knew exactly what I was going to do.

brick door 2

I also picked out some shadow material, because the shadows are such an important part of the picture.

brick door 3

So–door selected and drawn out–check. Fabrics selected for bricks and shadows–check. Background fabric? Burgundy wool–check. Start prepping the bricks and layout to see if it’s actually going to work–check!

brick door 4

Oh, yes—-this is going so well, I almost can’t work fast enough to get from thought to fabric! I had to stop before I got the shadows on, but that’s just as well. It will take a bit more “fiddly” work to get those figured out and placed correctly. If I don’t get that part right…for me, I think all the rest is simply a background for the shadows on the door!

brick door 5

Hope to get back to it soon. However, there are some unexpected commitments cropping up, so it may be a few days. I am eager to finish this one!!


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Quick addition to Portal 2

This second portal project, that started with so much promise, is fizzling out for me. I thought it was subtle, nicely abstract and full of layered interest.

Then, all of a sudden, it was boring. Whaaaaat happened? I don’t know, but I didn’t like it anymore.

Sheer door 5

I’ve started adding some multi-colored silk sari yarn to spark it up a little.

Portal 2

It’s looking better, but I’m still not loving it. Maybe it’s too purple. Maybe it needs some beads! It has an envelope finish, though, so beading it will be a pain. In any event, it’s not making me happy in my work.

I think this piece is going into a time out…it’s just behaving way too badly.

I have a workshop project to work on that looks much more promising…


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Not much sewing going on

Nope, not much sewing going on here. It’s been a great week for taking long walks, eating dinner with friends and family, running errands. Most anything to be outside in the great spring weather. Nothing is green yet, but the snow is gone and most of the muddy spots have dried up.

This weekend is workshop weekend for my quilt guild and I’m taking the Sunday class. One of the things we need for class is a picture of the door we want to make. I took my walk today with my camera and came home with pictures of 54 interesting doors. 54! Who knew there were so many cool doors in a few short blocks.

Now I need to narrow it down. I’ve got it down to these, for this project, but I only need one! Not easy. Want to help?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

WHAT do I want to portray? Aaaargh!

This is also the weekend we get to preview the classes that will be offered at QU this summer. All the teachers set up with their class samples and our guild members get an up-close-and-personal look. They get to register starting this weekend and there is usually a rush to get signed up for one’s first choice! Guess who is in charge of getting it set up? I’ll get my exercise moving tables, but I’m also just as excited as anyone else to see some of these samples. There are classes that I want to take and I’m teaching one and, of course, I scheduled one that I want on the same day that I’m teaching! Good thing there are lots from which to choose. You can find out more about it here, if you think you might be interested.

I’ll be back to the blog on Monday to show you which door I ended up using and which wonderful classes I’m going to take!


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Beady flowers

WS Silk strips

The beading and stitching on this one are done! It’s my favorite type of beading, too. An eclectic mix of compatible beads, added in random spots.

WS Silk strips 2

I’m always happy when a bead store has orphan beads or sells great mixes, ’cause that’s primarily how I use them.

WS Silk Strips 3

There are several of these Weekly Specials that are not technically finished because they are not mounted on the stretched canvas…I ran out of them and need to go to the craft store. Oh, darn! Double darn–I need some paint, too! I’d better make that trip a priority!


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Another portal

My art quilt group is trying to gather pieces for an exhibit application and our theme is portals, evolved from doors/doorways. We need enough that every member of the group could do more than one and not worry about it!

I’m starting a second piece and it began with another random piece of fabric that caught my eye. I thought it would be cool to make a piece with sheer and translucent fabrics. There was some nice blue and I had a piece that was dyed and then stitched with random twin needle curves and some purple, and a piece of gold organza fell onto the floor…

The totally translucent wasn’t working for me, so I added one more layer of silk in the back. Ta-da…step one!

Sheer door 1

Some ‘what if’ ‘what’s missing’ ‘what next’ thinking got me to the point of making some shapes with the plan to cut them out.

Sheer door 3 Sheer door 4

Each cutout exposes a different layer.

Sheer door 5

The next step was to add a couched stitch around each cutout.

Sheer door 7

And a bit to the gold, just to carry the color through.

Sheer door 6

I still want it lightweight, so I’m not sure about batting and backing. I’m thinking non-traditional, but it definitely needs something. Felt, for a backing/batting combo? With pinked and couched edge? I could use lightweight batting, or some silk blend batting that I have with more silk for the backing, but it seems silly to me to waste a large piece of silk on a quilt back! Cheap or frugal, that’s just the way I think. Maybe I’ll go look through all that wool I have and see if there’s something lightweight that will work.

I’m not going to jump into anything on this one. I’m really liking it and I don’t want to hate it because of choosing the wrong innards!


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Snow dye pictures

This feels like something that’s been done too much, but something that must also be done to add to the body of knowledge!

I had some fabric with soy wax, ready to be dyed. I also had some fabric that needed to be over-dyed. I took the large Florida leaf plant stamped fabric and dyed it also.

Fabrics ready to be dyed…

Snow dye 1

Snow added and dye (liquid) with just a bit of dry powder…

Snow dye 2 Snow dye 3

And the results…

Snow dye 4 Snow dye 5 Snow dye 6

I know that some people put the snow tubs in a warm place, like 70ยบ, but in the winter, I don’t have a place that warm in my house. I just left the tubs in the basement ’till the next day and then soaked and washed as usual. I’m happy with the results, but I don’t think it’s so much better that I need to haul snow in the house! I think I’ll just dye as usual!


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One more bead…

Actually, it was that thought about going back through the beads and perhaps finding the perfect one for my project that spurred me on. I wasn’t entirely happy with the choices I’d made for my slightly copper colored gingkoes.

WS Copper Gingko 2

I really ‘go with my gut’ when making both bead and fabric selections. It sounds random, but I’m sure it’s my subconscious sifting through everything I’ve learned and making better decisions. The bead drawers revealed a couple more possibilities. Remember the “ruby rainbow” beads for the red leaf? Well, I found the “subtle copper rainbow” for this piece!

WS copper gingko 4

Decided to stick with just the one color and I’m quite happy with the results.

Thank goodness for that magic bead collection!


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