The beading and stitching is done on my 9 Challenge! All that is left to do is mount it on the canvas. It went so quickly and I’m so happy to have it finished already!

CS 9 challenge 6

Lines and layers and textures and a little sparkle! Details–

CS 9 challenge 9 CS 9 challenge 8 CS 9 challenge 7

Now I have to organize some take along projects for vacation. I’m finding it very hard to figure out, without having all my choices of fabric, thread and beads available. I need simple and time consuming, easy to pick up when I have a few extra moments and not a ton of things to carry around. Maybe it’s time to knit a sweater…


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Several projects

Little bit of work here and little bit of work there…keeps me from getting bored with any one project, but also keeps any single project from a complete finish. So all I have to show you are little bits of a couple projects that are getting some work done!

The group challenge piece is moving along rather quickly, and is sparking ideas for more projects—a series to explore.

CS 9 challenge 3

The stitching, all by hand, is done. I’m ready to add some beads. Here’s a closer look at the strips.

CS 9 challenge 5 CS 9 challenge 4

I’m finding that I love all the raw edges I’ve been working with…all raggedy. A whole different feeling than raw edges that are fused and trimmed.

The rainbow project is much larger and I’m actually only working on it when there is something to see on TV! And since football is over, I’ll be looking for hockey games and they don’t televise those nearly as often!

Pics, of course, ’cause what’s a blog without ’em!

Rainbow project 11

The overall project and some details…

Rainbow project 13 Rainbow project 12

It’s fun and eclectic, bright and non-conformist–my perfect project!

I DO need to settle on some handwork for my upcoming vacation. Maybe I’ll break out my mom’s old sewing machine. I can clean and oil it and see what happens. Some small, pieced improv blocks could be fun to work on. In the meantime, I’m heading back to the beading table!


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Tiny bits of work

This piece has been laying on top of a pile of wool, quietly waiting for me to get back to it. It must have become impatient, because I’ve been feeling it glaring at me all week! I guess it’s time to get it finished.

FL paint leaf 15

Quilting some more pebbles was my first task, to make sure my background gave the leaf enough support. I’m not sure where it will be trimmed, but I have decided that it will have a corded edge finish. That gives me the freedom to have any shape to the edge that I desire.

I outlined the leaf with a copper yarn and that was about it for the sewing machine today. I tried out a heavier stitching on the leaf veins, but it added nothing, so that probably won’t happen. Maybe there will be beads to define those veins!!

FL paint leaf 16

Because I quilted it without following the rules–and I really do know better–it is unfixably distorted. No amount of blocking will fix this one!

I don’t know if you can tell from this picture, but it’s horribly wavy down by the stem of the leaf.

FL paint leaf 17

I’m thinking that I will cut….gasp!!!….into the piece along the stem, probably the right side, and overlap the pieces to flatten things out. At the same time, it will add a bit of 3D to the piece. If I chicken out of that, I’ll probably just make the whole edge wavy and try to pretend that I meant it that way!

That decision is going to be left for another day, but I totally feel this piece pressuring me into getting it done! Guilt works on me!



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New challenge

Creative Seasons is an art group to which I belong. The group has been in existence for 9 years and the founder of the group suggested that we make something to celebrate. Something–anything–related to the theme of 9.

Nine patch, of course, is the obvious starting point. Heaven forbid that I would ever do the obvious!

Actually, I had an idea almost from the moment Carol suggested the theme. The design flew right into my head and the only decisions became fabric ones. Ha ha ha ha…like that has ever been easy for me!

There are no pictures of the piles of fabrics I played with before I made my choices. Actually, I was so focused on putting things together according to the picture in my head that I didn’t take any process photos until I had it all laid out!

CS 9 challenge 1

Pieces of silk from silk sari yarn, fabric with text, felted wool strips all on a felted wool background. The background looks black in the photo, but it’s really a pinstripe.

CS 9 challenge 2

There will be stitchery and most likely some beadery before it’s done.

Sometimes things come together like a dream…


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Random construction

Whenever I wander around the studio and start wondering where to start on another project, anything can happen! I was supposed to be getting a fabric sandwich ready so that I can participate in an embroidery lesson tomorrow. That’s always when random pieces of fabric catch my eye and I start pulling out chunks of the stash and rolling ideas around in my brain!

I found a chunk of fabric and cut it up into circles before I took a picture of the whole piece!

Dyed circles 1

Thought I wanted to put these on a dark background and add some embroidery. Then I thought maybe on individual squares of different colors and join them later or maybe…well, just lots of thoughts passing through and no real plan. But look at what I found to add in and play with–

Dyed circles 5

Dyed circles 4

Dyed circles 3

Dyed circles 2

Yummm—petting and fondling luscious fabrics. Doesn’t get much better than that, even if I’m not sure how it’s going to be put together.

Thinking and dreaming—great fun.


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Fabric manipulation–one done!

Short post today…I spent all my time sewing so I don’t have much time left in my day to write before I fall asleep!

My first piece of fabric manipulation is done!

Fab manip 5

This pattern is called Leaves and it sure looks like rows of leaves.

Fab manip 8

Cool looking on the front, and equally cool on the back.

Fab manip 6

If there were a way to do this without the marking and the threads showing…it’s just very nice.

Fab manip 7

I’m going to be saving the rest of the fabric manipulation patterns for handwork to take on vacation with me. I think I need to check the library for other sources of inspiration, too.

This is fun!


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Slow stitches

Fabric manipulation has so many variations that I think I shall never be able to try them all. Some techniques are done by machine, of course, and many are done by hand. I’m going to spend some time examining the hand stitching aspect of what is known as North American or Canadian smocking.

We began a study of fabric manipulation in my small art quilt group. You can see a bit about where we started here and I’ve decided to try several of the basic patterns and probably make some type of sampler.

The first step for any of these patterns is to mark your fabric with a grid, so that’s what I did. With thoughts of my usual 12 x 12 size, as well as the possible sampler, I marked out a square a bit larger than 12 x 12.

Fab manip 1

I figured that if I hated doing this, I could always quit after I did a 6 x 6 size! However, this is actually sewn row by row, not a square at a time, so I guess I’ll have to do at least this first one at that full size.

This is the back of the first row, when I got started stitching.

Fab manip 2

Almost as interesting as the front!

Fab manip 3

Did I mention that this is hand stitching? That equates to slo-o-o-o-o-o-o-w stitching! All I have done after an evening of TV-watching-sewing is three rows.

Fab manip 4

But I sure love the way it’s looking. Looking forward to finishing this piece and starting on the other patterns. I’m also hearing a hint, in the back of my mind, of some over-dyeing after stitching…I’ll be going through my fabric with that in mind when I’m ready to mark the next grid.


Hmmm….it’s also interesting to see how much difference there is in picture colors taken at different times of the day, with early sunlight, later cloudiness, and at night. They were all taken indoors, on a table near a window and the last one with the table lamp on. I don’t know anything about photography beyond point and shoot…not sure if that’s an area I want to study up on, but I’m going to try to pay more attention to lighting!



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