New stuff? Not yet…

There are a ton of projects shouting to be next…me! me! me!…but there are still “have to” projects first.

I’m still working on finishing up details to be sure that every piece I have in my inventory will be ready to hang. Not too bad in that department, as far as labels and sleeves go. Worked on that this week and I think I’m all set there.

108 choices 2

I found a small piece that had not been glued to the stretched canvas, so I took care of that. Had to add the hanging hardware, of course and it’s easy to use the hand tools for just one.

108 choices 4

And the best use for all those old quilting magazines…

108 choices 5

Still have one of the hardest parts to do, and that will be deciding which pieces to actually use to fill up the space.

These three are definite.

108 choices 1

And I could definitely FILL up the space, but it’s better to display fewer pieces well than to overwhelm with so much that individual pieces get lost.

108 choices 3

Decisions…I’m really bad at them. Not going to be easy.

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Working on the NOT fun stuff…

And I’m procrastinating with a bit of blogging, too. Since I’m sorting pieces to put them in a show, I decided that I really, finally had to make sure that all my pieces had a sleeve and a label.

My latest labeling process is to paint directly on the quilt with a thermofax screen.

Sometimes it works very well…

Labels 3

and sometimes, not so much.

Labels 1

Labels 2

I can often just write over the bad paint job with a gel pen or a Sharpie and it looks just fine…

Labels 4

and sometimes, not so much!

Labels 5

I never worry too much, though, because I can always go back to what I used to do, which is to print the label from the computer and then iron it on. It can cover all my goofs, if need be, but I really like using the screen and paint.

While I had the paint out, I couldn’t resist trying out my new stencils.

New stencils 1

They will make me very happy!

New stencils 2 New stencils 3

And then I had some pieces that needed sleeves.

Sleeves 1

That is truly my least favorite job. It’s hand sewing that doesn’t even have to be good, except that  I need to make it complete, good and finished off for my own satisfaction. It’s time-consuming and I hate it. Probably why there are always pieces waiting to have a sleeve added!

Back to work…there are sleeves to sew. Yuck!


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New beginnings

When I started pulling fabrics for this project, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

Color square idea 2

And then I kept finding more and more fabrics that will fit in with my original concept.

Another waterfall beginning

And now I have so many fabrics from which to choose that I’m sure I can’t contain it to my original smaller concept. Yet I don’t want to make a huge project.

Hmmmm….maybe I’ll make the huge project and the teaching/class sample/book project idea can be made from the scraps!

Yikes! Indecision all around!


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This is a done deal!

Nose to the grindstone and quilting gets finished! Hooray!

Patio Pavers blog 1



Patio Pavers detail

This will be a great class sample. Need to add it to my class list!


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It might work…

I’ve been looking at a sit down quilting machine like a Sweet 16 for several years now. I keep thinking that I really, really need one.

Then I remember the suggestion to turn the machine and sew from the open end. This is the machine I like to quilt on, turned.

Turn machine 1

Since it’s a straight stitch, high speed machine with a larger throat and big table, it’s just not gonna work. I can’t reach the on/off switch or the thread cutter. It does give me all the supporting table room I could ask for, but I don’t think it’s that much better than my normal set up.

Turn machine 2

Even though I think I really, really need that other machine, I do all right on this one!

Started the quilting on this quilt, thinking that I’d put a large ‘flower’ in the center of each block.

Patio Pavers 3

It doesn’t really show up. Makes it easier that way.

Patio Pavers 1

I can simply quilt flowers wherever I want! And there is room to get the whole quilt under that larger throat area.

Patio Pavers 2

Free form fun!


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Annual ‘tradition’

Every year I fall in love with my hibiscus bush when it’s blooming.

Hibiscus 15 1

And every year I take photos of the beautiful blossoms.

Hibiscus 15 2

And every year I swear I’m going to make a quilt based on these photos.

Hibiscus 15 3

And every year, I don’t!

Aaaah, tradition!


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Oh, Quilt Shows…

…how we love thee! Beautiful quilts and vendors, vendors, vendors…

Had a lovely time at AQS Grand Rapids and going on a bus with a group is soooo easy.

I don’t usually take too many pictures at a quilt show, because I don’t do anything with them. I thoroughly enjoy them while I’m there, but don’t go back and look at them much or study them or use them for inspiration or base my work on someone else’s quilt. That being said, this quilt totally grabbed my interest and I had to take a picture!

GR 1

It just so happened that the creator of the quilt, Pam Beal, was right there when I took the picture and we got to chat for a while. We seem to like a lot of the same things about working with improv piecing and I believe I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of her work in the future.

After I walked the show and helped out the vendor’s bottom lines a bit, I checked how many pictures of quilts I had. Three, only three. I knew there were more than that which had caught my eye going through the show, so I went back and took a few more. I may not do anything with them, but I do enjoy looking at them more than once! Perhaps you will enjoy them, too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Maybe you noticed that I don’t have pics of ‘traditional’ work. And even the prize winners weren’t as appealing to me as these. I love all aspects of quilting, but I think my personal preferences are leaning more toward the graphic and ‘modern’ style. They look fresh and appealing, even though sometimes I say ‘been there, done that’ with techniques. Not a lot new there, but that also makes it accessible to new quilters.

All in all, a good day…and now to tackle that studio chaos!



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