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Snowmen…going home!

The snowmen drawings have all been turned into wonderful little stuffed snowmen! I complain and whine every step of the way when I’m creating these snowmen. Detail tiny work is not my strong suit, I don’t like any type of doll-making and trying to make things look exactly like a drawing drives me crazy. BUT—-I… Continue reading Snowmen…going home!

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Sleepaway quilt camp

That’s what one of my fellow retreaters called our retreat and I love it! Especially since it’s not at all ‘camp primitive’. Here’s a quick wrap-up of how far I got on the beaded tree. Hooray! The branches are finished except where they will meet the main lines. I’ll get that done first thing at… Continue reading Sleepaway quilt camp

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Abandonment Issues

Remember this? My second project for retreat? Lots and lots of quilting planned? I got it started and actually did quite a bit of quilting on it, establishing a base outline for embellishing. Then I abandoned it. I think it will be all right, but as I stitched, I kept wanting to add bits and… Continue reading Abandonment Issues

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Letters from camp

That’s what this blog post feels like. Quilt retreat is like luxury camp, with indoor plumbing, fancy cabins and breakfast served to us! For those who will ask, I am at the Creative Passions Retreat Center in Chesaning MI. Heard about for years and now I’ve been here twice within 6 months! The first day… Continue reading Letters from camp

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Soooo many options…

There are times when I feel that I have no sewing projects going on, or I’m in a slow period, not too interested………and then there are times like right now. I’m getting projects prepped to work on at a retreat. Several things going there. Then I made placemats for a commission. I signed up for… Continue reading Soooo many options…

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Silk tree…ready for more!

The quilting and pre-stitching are done on my lovely silk tree. I know that I wanted to use it for the base for all those leaf beads, but I still love it just as it is! I added a couple of lines of metallic threads along the black tree lines. It’s almost impossible to see… Continue reading Silk tree…ready for more!

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From bland to bold

The thread lines on my tree are barely visible. Just enough to allow me to start building my design. My mental picture told me to make those lines thick and black so it turned out to be a no-brainer decision on where to start. Black cording easily defined my tree shape. My first hint of… Continue reading From bland to bold

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Double Wedding Ring

This traditional pattern keeps popping into my head. I made one many years ago with the Mary Ellen Hopkins method and it was pretty quick and easy. There are acrylic template sets available now that would make it even easier. A google image search for inspiration has sent me down a more modern path. This… Continue reading Double Wedding Ring