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These are fast!

It seems that when I have workable parameters and fabric selected, it’s pretty easy for me to put an art quilt together! I believe that my fabric speaks to me. Maybe there are fancy-schmancy art terms I could utilize to describe my process, but I like thinking that I have a connection, especially with fabric… Continue reading These are fast!

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Personal style

My first thought after drawing up my designs to a 16 x 20 size was that they were too simple, too easy. I put the question ‘out there’ and got lots of responses that made me very thoughtful. Basically, everything is relative and if I like it, everything is wonderful!!! And more to the point,… Continue reading Personal style

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My ‘brain chain’

Basically how my brain works when I’m starting a big project…you say you like seeing how I get there, so here goes! The givens: use designs and/or design process from older sketchbook, have some commonality between pieces. The questions: same size? a common fabric? small or large? pieces put together into one large unit or… Continue reading My ‘brain chain’

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Steal some moments

Nah…I’m not really stealing moments from some other project or important activity. I’m just feeling lazy and not doing much of anything, including sewing. I decided on the brown background for my ginkgo leaves and made it with an envelope finish. I gave it some simple quilting with copper metallic thread and added the leaves… Continue reading Steal some moments

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Thoughts…..while thinking

While the thoughts of what to do with my old drawings and design ideas are rolling around in the back of my brain, the front of my brain is working on what to do with a piece that is simply not working out. It was never a well-thought-out piece to begin with and was not… Continue reading Thoughts…..while thinking

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Small stories

Quite a few years ago, shortly after my book was published, I wrote a couple of magazine articles. As I was flipping through my very seldom used sketchbooks on a different project, I was reminded of that article. It was (cleverly) titled Design by Division and it really was a simple way to design an… Continue reading Small stories

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Wrapping up–project 2

The bartered baby quilt was all set for quilting, so I jumped into it. Remember that I was a teeny bit concerned about using that cuddly white flannel on the back? Well, I took advantage of that and quilted it from the back. I used all three colors that were supposed to be part of… Continue reading Wrapping up–project 2