The results are in…

Snow dyeing is something I haven’t done for quite a while so I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect. I used the dyes below: the top 6 are new to me and the bottom 4 are some that I had and wanted to throw into the mix to see what would happen!

I did some scrunching, some folding and a jar of parfait dyeing. I’ve discovered that I almost always like the pieces that are folded to give a radial design. Still true with these!

The bottom right design that looks black actually has quite a bit of purple popping through, too. The top left is called lime pop and it truly is eye-popping! I love it, but it needs to be used sparingly, I think.

I really wanted to see what the chile fuego, pumpkin spice and soft orange would give me, so I tried not to mix those in the little containers. I like them all very much.

There is not as much crystallization on the snow dyes are there are with ice dyes—I think. The next dyeing experiment will be to test that out. And I think I’ll fold all the pieces I use so that I get radial designs. Maybe then I will USE the dyed fabric!


When it snows…

Winter in Michigan usually has a lot of snow. Not so much last year, but we have started out pretty heavy for this year.

And it’s still snowing! How could I resist the opportunity to do a little snow dyeing? Especially since I just got a few new dyes to try out. Now snow usually gives you a softer effect than ice dyeing and the snow today was very soft and fine. Can’t wait to see how these turn out.

So what do you do while you are waiting for the snow to melt? High on the priority list was a nap…not because I needed one, but because I could! Laziness rules on cold, snowy days!

I spotted these circles on the table and thought about trying to do something with them.

They have been out before, but every time I look at them all I can think is ‘cliche’ so they went back into hiding.

So then I took the opportunity to get another quilt off the UFO pile and get it ready to quilt. I had actually forgotten that I made it…and I like it! My hubby needs a new quilt for the recliner—and his naps!–so this one is ready to quilt now.

And now the snow is melted and the fabrics are ready to rinse out–hooray!

Usually I leave them overnight, but not this time! I’m too impatient to wait tonight. Stay tuned for the results.



Getting there…

Finished the quilting on the scrap quilt project…simple stitching makes things go so much more quickly!

All I had time for today was to trim it and to make the binding.

Now the binding  is a story in itself. The extra squares that I had and added to this workshop project were all made from years of extra pieces of binding. I’ve made straight grain binding for a lot of years, so it was easy to piece it together and cut those squares. And there is literally every single color there is to be found somewhere in this quilt. I’m not a perfectionist and don’t measure closely when I make the binding. As long as there is plenty enough to go around, it’s good.

As you can see from the picture, that philosophy held true yet again. I have no idea how much binding there is, but it’s a big pile! I grabbed pieces of fabric that I wanted to use up and have gone, mostly green, and it’s ready to use.

However, I will probably be starting another pile of leftover binding strips…sigh! Scraps continue to increase, no matter how hard you try to use them up!

Quick Update

In case you don’t follow me on Instagram (quirksltd) or FB, here’s an update. I quit procrastinating and started the quilt that was actually all ready to go!

I got the entire middle section of it done–the part that would have been the art quilt from Joe Cunningham’s workshop.


However, since I decided to use up some other blocks that I had made from scraps, it is now bed quilt size. The blocks were already made, they went with the part from class—what else could I have done?  But I do have a bit more to get quilted now!

Looking forward to Monday, which is the next day that I have available to work on it. If the borders go as quickly as the middle, it could be done. And that is my whole goal right now–finish, finish, finish!

Assessment Time

I’ve been a bit under the weather with a cold, so I haven’t really felt like starting a new project right now. But having finished the purple and red projects, I thought this might be a good time to take a look at my UFO pile–maybe with an eye to elimination of some of them. Very unlikely that I will throw away a quilt top, but I could easily pass it on to my guild for a charity quilt. And, yes, I will feel guilty about not finishing it myself for our charity, but sometimes you simply cannot embrace a project enough to finish it!

I have pics of lots of UFO’s—that are still UFO’s! Most are samples for classes when I was teaching other people’s designs, so they are pretty old. I’ve been doing only my own thing for at least 8 years now, so they are at least that ancient!

This is one of the first improv-originals that I started with.

There are some like the one below that may actually see the inside of a waste basket…or maybe it’s another one that I can pass on to someone who loves purple!

This one is less than a year old and ready to quilt….and sits in the pile, neglected.

And that’s just completed tops!

There are more and this time I am trying to be very realistic in my assessments. If I truly cannot see myself finishing them, I need to unburden myself. There is at least one that I really love and yet…it sits. That is a prime candidate for ‘quilting by check.’

And in the back of my mind, there are two new project ideas swirling around. They are pressing to become priorities, but I’m trying to hold back. Soooooo much UFO guilt that I need to get rid of…………………………………………..sigh!


Red houses–essentially done!

When you finish up the quilting with the last spool of thread like this…

…you know that you are having a good day!!!

I’m certainly ready for this project to be finished and all I need is to decide on the binding and get it done. Probably traditional binding, in the dark blue.

What lessons did I learn from this piece and the way in which I constructed it? First, if there is going to be hand stitching involved, don’t build your piece on lightweight interfacing. It’s not strong enough to stand up to all that folding and handling. Better to build on a fabric foundation. Second, if you want to have lots of loose, raw edges, think carefully before you start quilting and quilt in the direction of the edges!

It was a fun project, done in a different way and I like the way it turned out. That’s the absolute best I can expect and now it’s on to something new….or old! I have quite a few quilts that need to be quilted and finished and off my to-do pile. It’s time to turn my attention to those and get them done! I think that pile has 17 bed size quilt tops on it, so we’ll see how far my resolve goes!

Slow sewing time

It’s been a busy time lately and not much sewing has been done. I’ve been adding vintage buttons to the red houses, and once started, I keep wanting to add them ALL!

And when I don’t sew, I don’t post! Projects tend to drag out when you only get to work on them 10 minutes at a time. And then when you start  quilting and it goes wrong…

A couple of minutes of quilting and a half hour of UN-quilting! It will totally change my plan for quilting this! The problem is all those loose edges that I love. When you try to quilt cross-wise over them, you have to stop every couple of stitches to flatten them down. Not good.

When I try again, I think it will be a vertical quilting plan!

In the meantime, there are Christmas decorating things to do, hockey for us and for the grandson, lunches with friends…all the normal fun of a retiree’s life!