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What a mish-mash!

Nothing in my studio is getting finished, but there are lots of things started. There haven’t been big chunks of time available, as there were when we were staying home more. Yeah, we’ve been getting out and about a lot, feeling almost invincible since vaccination, but with the delta surge we getting a touch more… Continue reading What a mish-mash!

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Reminder to self: try not to buy any more directional fabric! I started arranging the blocks I made using that giraffe fabric and found myself very, very limited! It just does not look good to have giraffes standing on their heads! The good part is that there was not as much playing around as usual!… Continue reading Giraffes

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From idea to pieces!

I thought I was all set to proceed with my free form flowers. I was sure that I would be using black with that Marcia Derse print. And then a few black prints started hollering for my attention. After seeing these, I couldn’t use plain solid black. Thinking time…again! Of course, while looking through the… Continue reading From idea to pieces!

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Free Form Flowers

Browsing through lots of blogs is how I usually start my day. I don’t capture images and put them on Pinterest or save them on my computer…that’s not how my brain works. My subconscious grabs on to ideas, rolls them around my brain for a while, stuffs them into my imagination and spits them out… Continue reading Free Form Flowers

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Multi-tasking and feeling good!

I put out a post on IG and FB with my question of the week: Quilt a top from this stack or start a new project? The guilt of the unfinished projects got to me just a little bit. I picked a top, got a quilt back ready and got it basted. It’s all set… Continue reading Multi-tasking and feeling good!

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A finished quilt always deserves a TA-DA moment. I was obsessed with finishing this Halloween quilt once I got it started, so my Labor Day weekend was filled with the labor of quilting. Believe me, quilting is a labor of fun and this has been a great weekend! You know, when I put improv quilts… Continue reading And…TA-DA!

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Houses and more houses!

This is what I had on the design wall when I made it into the studio today. And I kept building little houses until I had enough for a 5 x 6 block layout for this quilt. It was getting a bit confusing visually so I started using single blocks of color for some of… Continue reading Houses and more houses!

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In the crazy design brain phase…

When I’m working on a quilt design like this Halloween one, it would be much simpler if I didn’t have so many choices! Overabundance is not ALWAYS a good thing. After the first look at my choices yesterday, I was more confused than ever about the direction in which to proceed. Glad I stepped away… Continue reading In the crazy design brain phase…