Quick carpet fix…

I know you love these carpet designs as much as I do….here’s the latest!

lq-carpet-1 lq-carpet-2

And the chair fabric that is paired with it.


Love the combo!

And that’s it for the carpet for at least a few more weeks. Hope to have more quilty things to blog about!

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Quick Start Quilting

Beginning practice for free motion quilting

qsq-sarasota-3 qsq-sarasota-2 qsq-sarasota-1

Learning how to extend a design in the fabric

qsq-sarasota-6 qsq-sarasota-5 qsq-sarasota-4

So much improvement in just 3 short hours! Great job, ladies!


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Progress is being made

Taught Rule Breaking Quilts at Friendship Knot Quilt Guild today and thought I’d show you pictures of pieces from starts to almost finishes! There are a couple that I just did not get photos of, but sometimes people pull the pieces off the design wall to actually get them assembled and then I miss the opportunity!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As often as I have taught this, I am always amazed at how different each piece is. Totally unique in both construction and the artistic expressions of each student. I’m so grateful that I get to do this!

Tomorrow is Quick Start Quilting and Monday is Your Design Here. Two more days of fantastic fun for me…and work, work, work for these women! I do hope they are having fun, too!


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Yes, obsessed with beads! Can’t resist! Here is what I found today…


But the red beads were on sale for Valentine’s day! I really like these floral shell beads, too. Oh…true…I really like them ALL!!!!


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Lost in the wetlands…

Not me, thank goodness! The wildlife refuge where we walk has nice paths raised above the wetlands so that it’s easier to see the birds and alligators. When I am standing on that path and look in any direction, I see to the horizon, but it’s all the same…grasses, water and a few trees.


Hot sun, even in February and nothing but that sun to give you direction. When I step off the path, down to actual ground level, this is what I see.


It makes me realize how foolish it would be to leave these nice, safe paths. And how hard it would be for anyone who was camping or tracking birds to try to find their way out of the wetlands. You could so easily lose your way.

No metaphors, or philosophy today. Simply the physical reality of this environment…AND there are alligators!

Lectures and teaching this week then it’s real vacation time. Still funny to think of vacation when I am retired but it’s essentially a change of routine and a break from “should be doing” to “whatever I feel like doing.”



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Traveling, not sewing

These first three pictures continue my fascination with hotel carpet designs. They were all in the same hotel, but I hate the first one. Looks just like a snake crawling down the hallway! And I don’t think it’s a good match to the other parts.

2017-hotel-1 2017-hotel-2

I particularly like the floral/viny part of this.


This one is at the next hotel and I like the idea of the holes…especially since I’ve been playing with holes in quilts!


Nothing else happening right now, but it’s fun to do my elliptical and then hit the pool. I like that a lot!

Next stops will be lectures and teaching, so there may be a few more days with nothing to report. I’m suffering sewing withdrawals!


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Hidden Challenge

Creative Seasons is the name of an art group of which I am a member. We are having an interesting challenge right now, called Chinese Whispers. Similar to the old game of telephone, each group starts with a photo. We have enough people interested that we actually have several small groups, but we are all starting with the same photo.

We then create a quilted piece based on an aspect of the photo that appeals to us. The second person in that group then gets to see the finished first piece but NOT the original photo. Her piece is based on that first piece and then she shows her finished piece to the next person and so on. I’m not sure how many rounds we will do, but I’m sure that the final piece will be far removed from that original picture. Can’t wait!

In the meantime, while I’m working on my piece, we can’t show anyone! So what will I have to show you? Pieces parts, I guess! Nothing in the composition itself!

My cutting table was cleared and clean just a couple of days ago. Not so much now.


Part of my interest in this challenge is that I want to use less opaque fabrics, such as organzas, so that’s where I’m starting. Spent the best part of an entire day adding texture to my chosen fabrics…simple twin-needle stitching, but lots of it.

cs-whispers-challenge-2 cs-whispers-challenge-3

I had a minor moment of excitement when I found this piece that I had dyed a bright green. It should make a wonderful highlight color.


Then came adding fusible and cutting into small strips…


a large pile of little strips! I might be nuts before this project is done.


However, I do want to do more intentional, thoughtful art and taking the time to place these strips exactly where I think they need to be is part of that process. I may or may not be able to show you more as I proceed with this project, until the end. You can imagine me, though, playing with a pile of organza strips and hoping I’m nowhere near a high wind!


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