1 Stitch a Day 2017

This is a project started by Sara Barnes. I’ve decided to join in and document my progress here. There is a Facebook group of over 1,000 members joining in…it’s really caught the imagination of hand stitchers everywhere around the world. There are many embroidery stitches that I would like to learn and practice and this no-rules, anything goes approach fits me to a tee! The ideal is to document with a picture every day and to stitch every day. We’ll see how that goes!

March 15  Pushing on to get this finished today and I made it!!!

Some more details–

March 14  I do stitch most every day, but I don’t document with a picture every day! I’m trying to finish my initial stitch project. It’s getting close.

One of my favorite circles…

March 4  Spent most of February traveling and teaching and did not bring this first project with me. My stitching consisted of work on my triangle projects and some non-stitching projects. Now that I’m home again, I have better access to daily stitching materials. Expect to see more on these projects!

tri-fl-10 tri-fl-4

Jan. 25  Have made a bit of progress with additional circles, but I need to have additional threads and colors. There is not enough variety with using only the silk threads that I have.


Jan. 22  This lack of follow-through on my part is not going to cut it! This piece needs more stitching and some beading or it will end up in the UFO pile and ultimately never get done. I feel as though I am failing in my commitment if I switch to something else now…so, more circles!


Jan. 17  I am not crazy about this fabric or this silk thread that I’m using. I may quit with this now that I have the circles all done.



jan-17-detail-2 jan-17-detail-3 jan-17-detail-4

Jan. 12  Almost done with the circles. Then I’ll have to decide if this is it or if I’m going to try to fill in more around the circles. I’m pretty sure I’ll add some beads before it’s done, though.


Jan. 9  Making progress. Even if I cover every inch of this fabric, though, it’s not going to last a whole year! I guess I’ll be doing several projects! It keeps me from getting bored!


Jan. 7  Daily photos are not easy for me…take, download, edit, post. Maybe it’s time for a smart phone, but I’m only going to post occasionally! And today is not a good occasion…sigh!

Jan. 6  Went with the fusible interfacing. Didn’t want a lot of difference between the stitches already done and the new.


Jan. 5  The fabric I chose is not working well at all without a stabilizer. Reboot necessary…just need to decide if I want a fusible interfacing or batting.

Jan. 4


Jan. 3


French knots


Whipped and laced running stitch

Jan. 2


Made a few bullion stitches with 6 strand embroidery floss and didn’t like them much better than the ones with the lighter silk thread. So I finished the circle with a bit of satin stitch, some French knots and outline stitch. I think this page may also be the recipient of my learning curve with the camera, too. I’m trying to get better, but F-stops and ISO and aperture may defeat me!

Jan. 1


Fabric of unknown type, shiny, soft and I’m not backing it with any stabilizer. Planning on using silk thread, because otherwise I will never use it! Circles as a starting point, running stitch outlined in case the marking medium comes off.

jan-1-2 jan-1-3

The first stitch I want to practice is the bullion stitch.


This silk thread is very, very fine and it’s hard to see the results of this first stitch. May have to switch to a thicker thread.

Jan. 2