I’m Getting a New Toy!

My family is awesome! I’ve been saying that I want a needle felting machine but just haven’t actually gone out to get one. They all conspired to make my birthday a totally fantastic experience…they are buying me the machine I want and the extra accessories to go with! I am so excited I could jump up and down with joy—and that would not be a pretty sight!!!!

My thoughts on this machine are that I will be able to combine fibers so much more easily. I have done needle felting by hand for small projects and I love the look. Now it will be easier to use my yarns and rovings and ribbons and wools in larger projects. And then the whole field of silks and sheers will be open to experimentation. Why, I may turn into a surface designer in spite of myself…

I thought adding beading to my skills and my work was a wonderful new adventure. This machine goes right to my heart, with the combination of fibers and threads. Talk about a kid in a candy shop…that’s me all the way. I can’t wait to play and of course, I’ll share my fun with you.

Wooooooooo hoooooooo!!!!!!


7 thoughts on “I’m Getting a New Toy!

    • It seems like they are becoming hard to find…..I want mine and I want it NOW! I don’t care that you are waiting for a shipment….tantrum, tantrum, tantrum!!!!!!


  1. Kathy,
    I am jealous!!!! Now there will be no stopping you from becoming the wilder “Glitz & Crap” sister…



  2. And I called to order it today for pickup at the show in Columbus—–knife to the heart…it may be out of stock! I’ll be on pins and needles until I can actually get my hands on the machine now!


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