Stretching to reach the ground!

I’m still a little bit floating on air after last week. My entire teaching experience at NQA 2011 was awesome!

Here's just a hint of class photos that I'll get posted later.

Here’s the convenience side…having hotel reservations made for you in a high-end hotel, attached to the convention center where you are teaching…having a full breakfast every day, including custom made omelets! Being able to park your car, having it paid for, and then not actually needing it to go anywhere…setting up your classroom and not having to change rooms…having sewing machines provided…having time to see the show and visit the vendors! It was everything for which you attend a large quilt show, PLUS I got to teach 3 great groups of students! Awesome!

The hard part, of course, was making sure I had everything I needed for those classes, packing it up and hauling it in and out. I did manage to forget templates for my curves class, one sample and information flyers with which to drum up more business, but those were minor ‘forgettings’ and I managed to bring the rest of the stuff I needed.

It was also very nice that this show was close enough for people that I know to attend. I had lunch with a friend one day, dinner with friends one night and saw people that I know off and on throughout the show. And meeting new people…wonderful!!!

Since I’ve been floating on a cloud for several days, it’s hard to start thinking about the work I have ahead of me if I intend to continue travel teaching. I’m back to making lists and priorities and yes, stretching to get my feet back on the ground and my head out of the clouds. I’ll post some pictures of my classes in the next couple of days, just to show you what my students worked on.

I don’t publish pictures of quilts from shows anymore. I’m not organized enough to give proper attribution of the work, so I’d rather not show it than get it wrong! There are lots of other people who do it correctly! I just need to get back to work…and I’m inspired now to make something new and different.


One thought on “Stretching to reach the ground!

  1. I took your class on Thursday at the NQA show. What fun. I promised you that I would get it put together, but didn’t see you on Saturday to show you. I tried to attach it to this comment, but couldn’t get it to work. If you email me I will send you the picture back. It’s really cool and everyone at work likes it. It’s temporarily hanging in my office. Thanks for the fun class !!!!


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