Teaching…I love it!

My students are always so wonderful! It doesn’t matter if they come in to class apprehensive or skeptical or eager. They all become part of our contributions of design information to each other. We all learn so much from seeing the variety of fabrics and different styles and approaches we take to our design walls. It’s amazing to me, even after all these years, at how unique and different each person’s work is, when we all are starting from the same set of class instructions. This post will be photos of just a few of those projects. (My second class was experimental, no set project, so I don’t have pics from that one.)

I have, upon occasion, taught classes for kids, but I did not expect to see a youngster in these classes. Natalie is 11–she celebrated her birthday with us!–and she is already interested in free form quiltmaking rather than traditional. She did a spectacular job, with a real eye for color and design.

These elements ended up in a piece surrounded by a black background. Stunning! Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the finished top.

Third class piece for Natalie.

I am so terrible at names that I warned everyone that I would put pictures up but not names…I am positive I would get them wrong! In the end, I am putting projects and not people. Cowardly, but fewer errors!

Going representational after starting with improv!

Elements of the design

The design beginning to emerge

I know this isn’t everything by everyone, but it shows a bit of how improv design works. Really unique end products and the best part is that you absolutely cannot make a mistake…only design alternatives! That’s my motto and I’m sticking with it!


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  1. I shared a link to this blog on my Facebook page yesterday. Today a former boss of mine flagged me down at a inservice to let me know she bought your book because of what I posted. She is eagerly waiting the completion of my project (picture six in this blog). Again, thanks for the great class. Betsy


    • I’m awaiting the completion of your project, too! I hope you get a chance to send a pic when it’s done. Wow…your boss bought my book because of your project, too. That’s the kind of advertising I love! I had a great time in class and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!

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