There’s Work and then there’s WORK!

WORK for me is whatever I have to do to keep things cleaned and cooked and mowed and weeded and planted and painted and laundered in my life. None of the fun of the work I do in my studio. I have a tendency to let all that stuff pile up undone and then try to get 15 hours worth of chores done in 2 hours! I procrastinate with that stuff all the time and only do it when I can’t stand the mess anymore.

Today is one of those days. And I AM procrastinating a little bit by spending time on the computer! But those chores absolutely must be done or they will nag at me. I will hear the weeds and grass growing while I sleep. The rose bush sitting in its greenhouse pot out on the rocks will be whispering pleas for planting that only I can hear. The dirty clothes may begin creeping out of the laundry room into my studio so that I will notice them. Thank goodness Keith took care of the dishes or they might start jumping up and down in the sink to attract my attention.

It’s just a sad fact of my life today that WORK must be done. Alas, I go now to attend to the mundane while I dream of beads and thread and fabric…


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