I’m NOT a techie!

Learning curves get steeper as you get older and I do have a lot to learn about techie things! While I love the look of my new laptop and I can navigate the basics just fine, there are many aspects of new and modern computer life that mystify me. I’m not too good on the track pad for one thing! And the wireless connection thingy is blinking yellow light at me and that’s supposed to mean it’s not working but it IS working! So…do I really want to know, if I can do what I want? I don’t want to customize too much before I have my “intro” lesson, even thought there are lots of things I know how to customize already. I don’t have any photos on the laptop so that means I probably won’t have any in the blog for a day or two…not that I can’t still use the desktop computer but I just don’t think you care about what my new computer looks like. It’s the same thing that’s on the Apple website!

Mostly I need to make this as similar to my desktop as I can, just so I’m more comfortable with it. I made an appointment for that intro lesson on Tuesday, and I’m sure I’ll be completely up to speed after that, right? Ha!

In the meantime, I’m still beading away, aided by a delicious caramel apple pie from the farmer’s market. It really is time to restore my energy with a bit of that pie, by the way, so I will just keep you apprised of my techie life adventures when there is something new happening…and I hope it’s all good news!


2 thoughts on “I’m NOT a techie!

  1. You’ve probably already considered this, but…for the price of a few longarmed tops you could get a straight stitch only machine and easily handle a queen sized quilt! I have really enjoyed your posts about beading your art deco piece-it inspired me to begin to bead my quilts.


    • I have a straight stitch only machine now and that queen size quilt is still hard to handle! What kind of machine are you talking about? Some other type of mid-arm or long-arm? I’m willing to look at anything right now, because I am not *looking* to use the services of a long-arm quilter!


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