Quietly Finishing Projects

Not a lot to tell you about the last few days. I’ve been finishing up my beading projects and trying to decide the best way to mount and display them. I am sure that they will both be attached to a background first, whether it’s a quilted background or simply fabric and then either mounted on stretcher boards or displayed more traditionally with a sleeve, as a wall hanging.

This little leaf has been used to demonstrate trapunto, machine binding and now is getting beaded and mounted. Here’s the overall look.

Here’s a little of the beading detail.


I learned that, while it is almost essential to do your quilting before your beading, it’s very difficult to bead without stitches showing on the back. So to make it easier on myself in the future, I will quilt with a muslin or interfacing back and then add a nice piece of backing fabric after the beading is done.

See all those gray stitches showing through?

I also starting the quilting on my niece’s queen size quilt…I had forgotten how hard it is to manipulate all that bulk under the arm of a domestic machine. I could be tempted to have a long arm quilter do it, but then it wouldn’t be MY work. I’m still pretty attached to completing my own projects, from start to finish, especially in this case, where my own work is the whole point! But that pile of unfinished large tops down in the studio may get to visit a longarmer before they see the light of day again.

A feather section.

I quilt each section individually so I get a variety of designs over the quilt top rather than a single overall pattern. It fits my style!

A more structured quilt design, with square spirals.

Looking forward to a quiet few weeks before my next teaching assignment. I need to create a powerpoint for my AQS-DesMoines lecture in September and get familiar with my new laptop and I have a garden area that I really want to get finished with perennials.

Nice quiet warm summer days, and cool summer nights…that’s the plan, anyway!