The Holiday Is Over!

Took a few days off and spent most of the time with my grandson…toddlers can be exhausting!!! But I wouldn’t give up one single minute of the time we are able to spend with him. He’s a wellspring of love and we can’t get enough…or too much!


But I have a quilt to finish. And I forgot to pick up my order of thread. I feel like I’m taking two steps backward for every step forward. I’m always checking myself for signs of senility, since my father had Alzheimer’s and today is a day when I feel like it’s creeping up on me. I went to the grocery store and forgot one of the five (five!) things I went in for…went to the department store and got distracted by the kids’ toy department (grandson on the brain!) and forgot some of what I was there for, too! Do I really have to worry, or have I always been this ditzy and I’m only now realizing it? I’m not at all sure, but maybe I should pay more attention to those commercials advertising memory supplements!

But it is back to work time. Quilting and exploring an idea for a new book…again. I don’t know if it will be a viable idea, but the last time this happened, I was able to write a magazine article, so the time spent exploring an idea is never lost. And the time spent in the studio is always wonderful!

I have to get some samples done for a dye class I’m teaching and get my supplies inventoried, in case I need to order some more. I’m pretty sure I will need to place an order, but how to predict what the students will want? Oh, duh! I’m teaching the class and I can direct them to choose certain things over others. I want them to get the best results, so I guess it would be better to give them more direction rather than less.

Teaching quilters to be free and have fun and adopt an anything goes attitude is important to me. I want to do the necessary things to teach more, but I’ve also developed the retirement attitude that there’s no rush, plenty of time, no deadlines…….bad! I missed at least one deadline already that I wanted to make and I’m afraid there’s another one looming that I am not prepared for. I have lots of ‘resume’ type material to get organized, as well as class prep and samples. I have been lazy lately and just letting things like that slide, but the holiday truly needs to be over. I retired to be able to teach and write more, so I need to actually do it!

Aaaahhhh…love to quilt!


7 thoughts on “The Holiday Is Over!

  1. I understand what you are saying.. Lots of ideas run around in my head, but getting them done is another thing.. At least I got the jewelry made for the gallery, or at least some of it..
    Taking a grocery list to a store is the only way I go…and I number the stops in order, town is 30 miles, and Joanne’s is 35 one way… make a list!


  2. Very cool! I understand where you are between the toddler and the Alzheimer’s–I can relate to your comments! One thing on your side is that you are very creative and a “break the rules” thinker, so you’re keeping those neurons firing. I love the images of your art, they look very inspiring and appealing!


    • I’m truly lucky because ‘creative’ seems easy to me. It’s time that gets away from me…not enough hours in the day to do all the things I think about!


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