I have plenty of this color thread! I NEED more pale turquoise!

That’s all I’m about right now, thread, thread, thread! I could only get the ‘right’ color for the gigantic quilt in small spools. I’m on number 14 right now and gigantic keeps growing, I swear! I’ve got all the thread that was in the store, I’ve ordered more, but I missed this morning’s order. So it will be Monday before it gets ordered again and I am positive that I don’t have enough to finish. I sooooo wanted to get it done today.

In the meantime, then, I do have some classes for which to prepare. I’m procrastinating, as usual. I always think I have everything all set and then when it comes time to pack up and head out the door, there is always something missing. You would think I would know better by now, but noooooo…I’m forever scrambling at the last minute for something!

Tecumseh Public Library called yesterday to ask me to have a book signing and author talk in September. Of course I said yes…who doesn’t like to talk about themselves?! But thinking about that and the publishing process is making me spend some serious thinking time on the latest book idea. I have actually talked about it to at least 2 people! My practical daughter asked the practical questions…what’s new about it? Is it original? What would make people want to buy it? And my non-art-quilt friend helped me think of a couple of ways to present the material that might entice other non-artsy quilters to try stuff. This one, provided the idea does pan out, may take a lot more work than the last one. I’m inclined to think of each project in terms of plain, embellished and outrageous! I’m also inclined to think that the first book was maybe a little too easy to do!

Quilting today will last as long as the thread holds out…then perhaps some time with the idea book–I can’t call it a sketch book because I don’t really draw! But I’m getting more than two or three ideas now and with my easily distracted brain, I need to get them jotted down or they will be forever forgotten!


5 thoughts on “THREAD!

  1. There’s never enough thread in my stash and I have hundreds, yet that perfect color is always elusive… Maybe thread people should make house calls, after all you do have an emergency!


    • I seem to go through thread like water. But I love the idea of thread company house calls. It IS an emergency…I can’t go any further without my thread!!!


  2. Are you free-motion quilting on a regular machine, or are you fortunate enough to own a longarm? Just curious!! Thanks!


    • I don’t have a long arm machine…thought about it for a while but couldn’t justify the price without quilting as a business. I just didn’t want to work for others again because then I wouldn’t get my own stuff done. I do have a Brother 1500 that’s higher speed, bigger throat, only sews straight stitch and I do quite well with that. But it really doesn’t matter to me what machine I’m using-I just love to quilt!


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