Sleepless Nights…

Sometimes when the weather is very, very hot, I have trouble sleeping. I cured that problem by getting air conditioning.

Sometimes when I have a lot of worry on my mind, I have trouble sleeping. No cure for that other than to just work through the issues.

Sometimes when there’s a sick child in the house, I have trouble sleeping. The cure for that is to cure the child, of course!

Sometimes when there’s a thunderstorm, I have trouble sleeping. Cure? Wait for the storm to pass.

Sometimes when I have a new project idea, I have trouble sleeping. There are several cures for that and I’ve tried them all! I lie in bed and work out details in my head. I try to think about something else or nothing. I often get up and work on the project.

I’ve been short on sleep on many occasions, for many reasons. But I’m never sorry when I’m able to figure out the next step/element/technique in a project. The end is always worth a few hours of lost sleep.

And there’s always naptime, now that I’m retired!

PS–sometimes when my old software won’t work with the new computer, I don’t lose sleep, I just get mad! I want pictures on my blog! Enjoy this oldie….


3 thoughts on “Sleepless Nights…

  1. yes, the sleep thing can be an issue,, I read when I am wide awake in the middle of the night. When I fall asleep the book drops!
    Have you had problems with adding photos on Word Press?
    Take a deep breath and enjoy the day!


    • No problems with WordPress-my problems are software issues. Programs too old to run on the new computer and too cheap to have upgraded the programs. Now I know that I really do need to get that done or what’s the point of a new computer?!


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