Color Lecture

I’ve started to take some pictures for my lecture on color. I want new stuff and I want it to be all mine, not taken from some color theory website. The speech is written…mostly from classes and lectures that I’ve done before, but my visual aides in the past have always been actual fabric and quilts. That doesn’t work in a large lecture hall, so powerpoint here I come.

Here's my color wheel.

Yes, the good ol’ color wheel…but you have to know about it when you get stuck choosing colors!

I’ll have a few other issues to talk about, too, of course.

And since I’ve done what I advise against—using a single designer’s complete collection–I’ll have to explain how that works, too! First and foremost, I’m just a rule breaker–even of my own rules.

I’m glad I have a few weeks to put this presentation together. I don’t have any issues with knowing what to say…in fact, I have a hard time shutting up! It’s just getting it all on a powerpoint and having it work for me that concerns me. Just a little. My big mouth is always my backup plan, and I’ll have a quilt or two for visual aide backups, too. Technology is great…I love pictures instead of huge suitcases…but I have a healthy wariness for tech problems, too!


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