Play Day-Crystals

Hey, now…it was a play day and if I want to sit and drink coffee and procrastinate a little, that’s all right, isn’t it? So I didn’t get as much done and I thought I would.

I got a big hunk of black fabric ready to become a quilted background for my art deco beaded piece. No, I didn’t get it quilted.

I got a hunk of green fabric ready for my leaf beaded piece, but I didn’t quilt that either. I’m asking opinions if I should make it asymmetric and lots of background

or nice and square and even.

And then I got out the crystals…

I added them just to the smaller circles.

Can’t really see much in that picture, so here are some detail shots.


This project really needed the shine of the crystals and before today I totally loved crystal embellishment. Now I have decided that for the most part, I prefer beads! I was so surprised when I decided that! Maybe next time I’ll try a combination of crystals and beads and see how I like that. Enough of that!

I looked around and tried to decide what I would tackle next. I wanted to find something to bead. It turned out to be a big fabric indecision exercise…I’ll tell you all about it next time, when I will have thought about things a bit more and maybe have a decision to report!

So much for the big play day…not much done, but I had a very relaxing day and that’s worth a lot to me, too.


18 thoughts on “Play Day-Crystals

  1. I’m an “unknown” but love the asymmetrical look. I might lessen the amount of background on the right and also liked the idea of a possible third element—maybe an element that is sort of hiding under the light green beaded piece and only peeking out somewhat. Hmmm. Just thinking on the computer!
    Good luck. There is no wrong way to do it!


  2. I have been trying to move toward more asymmetrical pieces…. I have a habit of framing things in a box too much, even though I like the look of asymmetrical better.

    I agree with Allison, that the background fabric could use a bit of paint to take away from the almost gridded look of the pattern. I also wonder if your beaded piece would look good with an asymmetrical placement on a smaller background… Maybe in the upper right corner of a square or?? Your beading seems to flow from near lower left to top right…. The background does look too heavy in your first layout.

    One thing I will do with a piece I am not sure of is to play with a photo in my computer. You can crop, move add elements, and play with a lot of ideas without cutting a thing. Good Luck!! Your beading and crystals are beautiful!


  3. Asymmetry but with a bit less unrelieved dark green. I felt your primary interest in this is the beading bit, and yet it is always worth spending time in integrating the underlying design of the overall piece as well as that of the beading. I also think though you are started so it might be too late, that the regular print pattern, subtle as it may be, is not as good as a plainer fabric would have been, or plain fabrics you’d dribbled,sponged or sprayed a little paint over before beading. Paint is a much quicker way to add a lotof value so I recommend considering a bit of paint in future pieces as an intermediate layer – your work will be the richer for it. I did a lot of paint stitch pieces years back in my pre-quilts era – some on my website in the first gallery in the pull down menu.


    • Alison, I always appreciate your thoughtful comments. Thanks. Did you mean painting on the light green, the dark green or both? Though I have never really been interested in painting on fabric because it always seems so stiff. I know there have been lots of improvements in the years since I first tried paint so I probably should give it a try again…probably not on this piece since the beaded part really is finished. I’ll review what I can on your blog before I try it though!!! Maybe it’s not too late for some fine lines. I do that a lot in my watercolor work. Thanks again!


  4. I say go for the asymmetric composition, but add a third element. You know how it goes. One, three, five. The beded square is one element, the dark background is second element, add third element, getting smaller than the first. Move it around until it looks balanced.


    • Judy-as always, a fresh look has given me a new perspective. I never, ever would have thought of adding another element…now the decision will take even longer because I have more new ideas. That’s actually a very good thing as it can only make my work better when I don’t rush it. Thank you!


  5. I think the asymmetrical one has way too much background unless you do something on it to balance the lighter piece. Maybe some more beading? I like what the beading has done to your second piece with the circles.


    • Norma–yet another great idea! I could extend the beading into the background to incorporate the two layers into each other more. Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to look and make suggestions!


  6. I like the asymmetrical one — only I’d make that right hand “border” a bit narrower

    I use a lot of beads and crystals in my work, and which works better largely depends on what sort of look you want

    nice work!


  7. Square and even is my opinion. Too much background on the asymmetrical for me. Takes away from the beading.
    I love what the crystals do for the other project. I have just started using crystals, and they sure make a difference on some projects. But I like beading too!


    • And that’s why I ask for opinions! Nice and square and even is so attractive to many people, so I never am sure which way to go. But I do want to emphasize the beading, so less background may be the way to go! Still thinking…


  8. Appreciate your comments and pictures-I agree-I prefer the beads to crystals and didn’t realize it until I saw your pictures. I prefer the asymetric.


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