Oh, fabric…how to decide?

I do spend an inordinate amount of time trying to decide which group of fabrics to use when starting a new project. Either that or I decide within 10 minutes and just go to it!!!

Yesterday was indecision day. I love this one particular piece of my dyed fabric and have never been able to cut it up. It’s only a fat quarter, but I want to use it whole. At least I’m pretty sure that I want it to be the lightest part, the focal point so that means whatever I make a background out of, it needs to be dark.

I think these fabrics are really perfect, but I don’t have enough of either one to do much with…at least not much of interest to my imagination.


That meant a trip to the fabric store. I knew I wouldn’t find either one of those…they are old and I’m not even sure I bought them here in town. This one will work but I’m not 100% satisfied that this is the way I want to go.

I think I  really want to add some of the lightest color into the piece but I’m afraid of diluting the effect of the light coming into the water…oh, I forgot to mention that that’s the vision I’m working toward with this piece. Curvy piecing will shape the rectangle somewhat and beading is definitely going on to it somewhere.

I have some fabrics that I dyed at the same time as the main one and a set of gradations that might work in, but they seem to de-emphasize the light as I lay them out with my focal piece.

Here are a couple of my ideas…combine the two small pieces that I like the most into a curvy pieced background, perhaps even working in a bit of the lighter dyed pieces. Or use the stripe and applique  curvy edge shapes into the focal fabric. I am so open to any new suggestions…


6 thoughts on “Oh, fabric…how to decide?

  1. i think you need to build feathery purple coral shapes off the purple edges. It’s light filtering down through a small space in this huge dark reef.


    • Awesome…I think that IS what I’m trying to convey. Now…feathery as in traditional looking quilt feathers or feathery as in real coral like? Hmmmm….


  2. I love the fabric. Why not place it on a solid balck background–maybe with some colorful quilting to break up the black. That would highlight your sun of water peice. Just an idea.

    Lera Cavanaugh


    • I haven’t tried it on black, mainly because there is not one bit of black in the original piece. But a solid in dark green or dark purple might work very well, maybe better than my print selections. Thanks for the suggestion.


  3. I can see why you haven’t cut this one! I have four or five like that. At least I finally got over the not cutting of anything I had dyed. whew!!!


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