It’s Dyeing Time Again!

On Wednesday the Whacky Quilters–er, sorry, the Knot Even Quilters group is coming over to my house to play with dyes. It’s one of my favorite get-togethers of the year. I love, love, love playing with dyeing.

Some of the ladies have never dyed before so they don’t have a clue how much fun we’ll be having…water, color, stained hands and even colorful feet. Sometimes we manage to get lots of dye on the fabric, too.

I have a few things in mind instead of my usual mindless dye play. I need to practice my tray dyeing color application, since I’m teaching it in Ann Arbor in 2 weeks. I need to be sure I can tell how to do it effectively as well as show how to do it.

I also want to review my one-bucket dyeing so that I am presenting in a very logical way, step by step, easy to follow. Nothing is worse than trying to explain a long process to a large group and getting distracted or confused about what step in the instructions you are on!!! People always work at different speeds, but the basics need to be understood before I turn them loose and then it doesn’t matter so much. At that point, going person to person is easy.

Between now and then I want to get the loose ends from my last couple of posts tied up. Now that doesn’t mean I’ll get those pieces finished—oh, no, I won’t get that far! If I can only make the “next step” decisions I’ll be happy. Each project is step by step, but they may not be linear…I do a lot of side stepping. And I work on several projects at once, too, so it often feels like a little creative dance going on—1,2,3, cha-cha-cha.

This looks like it will be an exciting week and I’m eager for it to begin.

Holy cow!!! It starts right now!


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