It’s An Addiction!

Once you start dyeing, you just can’t stop. It’s worse than trying to eat just one potato chip!

I had my gorgeous tray dyeing with the bright orange and asked myself if it would look cool with darker bands and tracery…? I didn’t want to totally lose what I was so happy with, so I only played with half of it! Took it back to the tray and added some blues that I had left from the previous day, knowing that dyes that are not fresh could dye paler. This worked just fine. See–

The dark color added so much more texture and depth…I love this technique.

I threw in some drop cloth fabric and some chartreuse and sky blue and they both benefitted from the additional dunking. Here’s the blue, but I turned the fabric and tray dyed it in the opposite direction from the first time. Not real good focus, but you can see the interesting cross hatching of the colors.

I really have to quit for this week. I have class materials to organize, but it’s so hard to leave the playground when you’re having so much fun!


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