Different Drummers

This weekend is/was Quilting Unlimited at the Ann Arbor Quilt Guild…Lots of teachers and classes and special speakers and dinners and fun, fun, fun. Lots of brain stretching also and that’s the best part of the weekend.

I didn’t get any pictures of the first class I taught, but I’m hoping to hear from some of the people who were there when they get their projects finished. I want to see them!!!!

I didn’t take pictures of the dyeing class, either, because the dyed fabric has to soak overnight before it can be revealed. And as beautiful as I’m sure the projects will be, a bucket of dark liquid is not an inspiring picture.

So, the picture gallery I have for you is all from the Quick Start Quilting class, but you will get some inspiration from these! You might remember that I was inspired to create this class by seeing Jenny Bowker’s original idea for it. I contacted her and asked her permission to teach my version of it and she graciously agreed to that. The idea is to take a patterned fabric on a  subtle background and expand the patterns into free motion quilting on the background. I’m simply going to show you what the students in this class came up with…(and I don’t think I got everyone’s, but you’re gonna be impressed with what they did!)

Large pattern and large quilting designs

Same fabric, different quilter, different feel to the designs she came up with.

Flowing lines carried out into the background, combined with jagged, flame shapes--beautiful. The gold thread really flattered the fabric.

Intricate details and all made up on the spot. What creativity!

Color choices and leaves, leaves, leaves!

Lots of shape variety when you do work with leaves!

This feather project was absolutely beautiful--variegated thread--awesome!

Great combination of jagged and smooth and flowing.

THIS was from a beginning quilter. She only saw her flaws--we were all amazed at how quickly she picked up on creating her own designs and how well she did. Much better than I did when I first started, believe me!

The women I taught this weekend were awesome students and I had such a great time. Thanks to all of you and let’s do it again soon!


6 thoughts on “Different Drummers

  1. This was a great relaxing class. Never thought I would say THAT about a free motion class! The concept is wonderful and the class was good for beginners as well as those that just need some new inspiration.


    • They all seemed to have a good time and the main comment was that they were noticing shapes more than before, seeing things in the fabric that they didn’t pay attention to previously. So it was all good!


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