New Roof

Yep-getting a new roof put on the house today. One hour into the job and the place looks like a war zone.

It’s strange to sit inside and have plywood over the windows…can’t see anything and we can hear all kinds of pounding and thumping that would normally have you running to check out. I want to go down to the studio and work but what if….I know that they are pros and can handle their job, but still, what if…?

I will finish this blog when the roof is finished and we’ll see what the war zone looks like then. They seem to have protected everything (even some plants that I don’t believe could be permanently hurt!) so I expect my normal, boring house and yard at the end of the job.

And here we are nine hours later…yep, normal boring house and yard. The new roof looks almost exactly like the old roof, except all the shingles are on!

And now that the boring, but expensive, necessities are taken care of, I can think about fun stuff again!

Dyeing is still on my mind…probably because it’s so much easier to do it in the summer. In the garage or out in the yard, not worried about spilling anything on the floor, room for a lot of people to play together…yeah, I like dyeing in the summertime. However, since I had to re-order dyes after this weekend and we are still looking at 90 degree days, I think I’ll wait for a few days before inviting you all over. Supposed to be cooler later in the week and the new colors will be here.

In the meantime, I think I can find a beading project or two to work on…and that addiction has a strong hold on me now, too. I’m positive I can combine the two in some projects coming up very shortly.

It’s really wonderful to be excited about waking up each day to something new and unique and fun. I have a great life and I am so grateful for it!!!


2 thoughts on “New Roof

  1. I agree-what a life-one where we are allowed the luxury of creating beautiful things. And to combine hand dye and beading-sounds wonderful!


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