Christmas On My Mind…

Working on projects to teach before Christmas time, but they have to be about Christmas so people are interested in taking them. Also simple enough so that there is time to get them done for gifts before Christmas! I’m usually a day late and a dollar short, but I think I can hit the window of opportunity for this one.

The extent of my bead stash can be seen right here…not too far into the addiction, yet!!!

However, I have managed to pick up a few more strands–just enough to finish my project samples. Yeah, yeah, that’s my story!

This wreath, though, has become my nemesis. I have started beading three times and have not been happy with anything so far. I’m going to try only red beads, finish the darn thing, add red ribbon and it will be done! If I still don’t like it, I just won’t offer a wreath as a project or a kit! But the challenge of it has got me hooked.

On a happy note, I am loving my other samples.

Traditional colors, mostly, on a traditional tree shape-

And the newly popular black Christmas and a little wonky shape-

Then this lime colored bit of fantasy is waiting for all the colors in the rainbow!

I have been sticking to mostly round glass beads with an occasional cube thrown in, but I couldn’t resist using these turquoise beauties on this striped tree.

Since the Christmas ideas have been going so well, I’m wondering if I have time to develop a couple of quick Halloween ideas. There won’t be much time for that if I teach this class in October, but if I keep it simple, I could offer that choice. None of these projects take very long, so it’s a real possibility. But WHAT Halloween image to use? There are so many….Oh, wait, isn’t that exactly what I said when I started my search for Christmas images? Only one answer…research. Some people might have a different answer, like draw or sketch, but that’s my least favorite choice. Not too good at it, but that may be my only option in order to stay free of copyright violations.

Halloween here I come!


6 thoughts on “Christmas On My Mind…

  1. I know you probably finished it already but had you thought of some bright gold beads for that wreath? I have seen them in bead shops in hanks that’s where I bought mine 🙂 They are glass but have metallic in the middle of them so you get much more bling for you buck so to speak. I use them all the time. They are nice in green and red as well.


    • I have some real cool gold cubes. I just never thought of using them in the wreath. I think the wreath is just too far down on my “don’t like it” scale! Thanks for the suggestion.


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