Samples, check. New projects, ?

This is the last decision I had to make while working on my samples for beading on quilts…

Traditional bead colors

Multi-colored beads

I ended up choosing the multi-colored package of beads. It just seemed more modern and contemporary for the funky tree the beads are adorning. Feel free to weigh in with your opinion!

The Halloween images are not coming along as well, yet. Sure there are an immense number of images from which to choose, but not all of them lend themselves to a beading project. I’m still searching, but it’s hard to keep it simple and beadworthy at the same time. I have a project that I want to do, but it’s a bigger, more complicated project just for me, not to teach. I even have a title for it…Witchy’s Night Out…I just need to get it drawn up and made. Maybe by next week I’ll have some time for that.

I’m doing a bit more dyeing on Tuesday. My new dye order has arrived and I want to see what colors the new ones actually come out to…and I love, love, love tray dyeing so I’ll be using that process while I play.

And I need to get my speech finished for DesMoines. I timed out what I have from past presentations and it’s not nearly long enough. Funny, I never thought I had too LITTLE to say! But now I need to add quite a bit—and get comfortable with presenting it all. I always feel funny giving a speech to a blank wall while I’m practicing, but if you don’t practice, you really look and sound stupid! I’m usually more comfortable with extemporaneous speaking than with prepared scripts but when that clock is ticking, I need to match it at least a little bit closely!

Whew! This has helped me get my near future tasks organized. All I can hope for now is to keep myself on the right track. I AM easily distracted…any bright, shiny bead will do it!

Kathy–stay on task, stay on task, stay on task–hey, that blue bead is beautiful……………..


4 thoughts on “Samples, check. New projects, ?

  1. Try a google search using “Halloween coloring pages”. I have found some very nice images in the coloring pages. Try trees, leaf and flower and you’ll see what I mean. Sometimes you have to dig but it’s usually worth it. You can save them into a word document or other program and alter them to fit your needs.


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