Pride…and hopefully not followed by a fall!!!!

Posted this on facebook yesterday, but I’m still thinking it’s pretty cool…

Just saw this in the Quilt Trends newsletter–it’s based on my book! I’m so thrilled!!!!           Clubs and Events for Fall 2010:
Rule Breaking Club… Love those contemporary quilts you see, but it’s not easy for you to think outside the box? … We will use the book “Rule Breaking Quilts” by Kathryn Schmidt. Rule Breaking Club is for 6 months, the 2nd Saturday from 10-11 am, October 8 through March 11.

QuiltTrends | Quilt Shop in Columbus, Ohio | Quilt Fabric and Notions | HandiQuilter Dealer

I’ve been a fan of this store since we happened upon it when we were in Columbus for hockey and now it looks like they may have become fans of mine.
This retirement career is pretty freakin’ awesome for me. I’m having the time of my life, doing just what I want to do, just when I want to do it. Wooo hooo! Plenty of time to smell the flowers and even plant a few, too. There are still days when I feel like there are not enough hours, but that’s usually when the creative juices are flowing and I want to make things faster than my hands can move!

6 thoughts on “Pride…and hopefully not followed by a fall!!!!

    • I’m enjoying it so much because it really is a fulfillment of my dreams! I don’t believe it can get much better and then bam! something better happens! It’s just wonderful and I’m so thankful.


    • Living closer to me in Michigan would actually be better for taking more classes! I’m trying to find more time to teach locally, like I used to, but for that I need to keep coming up with new ideas to offer! I’m working on it!!!


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