Leave the Mess!

When I start a project, I like to start with a clean studio and usually I clean up after I finish a project. I’ve been working on several things at once lately and haven’t cleaned up a thing!

Today I wanted to put the finishing touches on my art deco bead project and my leaf bead project, but I knew that everything I had out (not just this pile, but on 2 other tables as well!) was going to be used again in a day or so. I just left the mess! I piled it a little higher and cleared a corner of the table and finished those nagging tasks.

You can’t see it well in the picture, especially since it’s black fabric, but I quilted a simple swirl in this and mounted it on stretcher bars, then attached the beaded piece. That piece had been wrapped and sewn around a piece of foam core for extra strength and now it’s done, done, done! I’m just as happy with it as the day I first started beading, and I don’t always like what I’ve done!

The leaf project that I finished is a double layer quilt now. I quilted the background fabric and then attached the little leaf quilt off center. I don’t know why I agonized over the finishing of this one for so long…it was an easy decision today. Oh, well, different day, different brain!

My picture taking is crooked, not the quilt!

And here's the detail again.

Sunday’s are often totally lazy days for me but I’m feeling good about today. Two projects finished and I know I would not have done that if I had stopped to clean up the mess.

Just pile it higher and deeper and keep on working!


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