…those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer…

I remember that song and today is one of those days! I worked on mixing beads and getting kits ready this morning and by the time I stopped to think about some lunch it was 2 o’clock! Since we pick up AJ from daycare at 4, I just decided to give myself permission to sit on the deck and enjoy this wonderfully pleasant day. The hammock is looking awfully tempting, though, so a nap may work it’s way in here, too.

I met with both Kathy from the Quilt Patch and Jane from the Bead Box the other day to try and finalize what each would like to see in a beading on quilt class. For Kathy, the class will be all day and the students will start from scratch. They will use my templates, create and quilt the piece and then use my bead kits for finishing. They will have the opportunity to check out the bead store for specialty beads or to create their own kits, should they so desire. I’m just thinking that dollar signs will have them opting for my kits.

Now at the Bead Store, it will be a much shorter class. The kit will include a bead packet, but that will be created and provided by the store. My part of the kit will be providing the quilt piece, already quilted and just ready to bead. I guess we really didn’t decide on how that pricing will work or a firm date for the class, so it’s not really finalized, but much closer.

I really believe that there may be room for lots of activity in this area. When I had dinner last night with some of my friends who are non-quilters (even non-sewers!) and non-beaders, a couple of them seemed like they might want to try it just for fun. A little kit, a small investment of time and money, and not a tragedy if they don’t like it!

Since the first class will be just before Halloween, I am going to include a Halloween option…”Carve Your Own Jack-O-Lantern” without getting messy! The hardest part on that will be deciding what your pumpkin face will look like!

I could offer a fall leaf option, too…we’ll see how much time I have before we advertise the options. I have a quilting workshop this weekend and still have to finish my speech and powerpoint and organize my class stuff for AQS. My September is looking like a busy month.

Sept. 2-17-  Greg and Casey will be visiting sometime in there   Sept. 13  Spontaneous Quilting Adventurer–I’m giving a talk at the Tecumseh District Library   Sept. 17  GAAQG Meeting   Sept. 18 Workshop with Patsy Thompson   Sept. 19  Quilt University follow up meeting   Sept. 25 Demo for Canadian group at the quilt store   Sept. 26-Oct. 2  Travel to and from AQS DesMoines and teach there!  Wahoo!

After that it’s hockey season, other family visits, teaching locally, holidays and shopping. It’s not really good to take time to sit around thinking on a lazy summer afternoon. I look at what’s upcoming and I’m getting tired already!!! Maybe I’d better go visit that hammock for a nap and to get rested up…


3 thoughts on “…those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer…

  1. If I am given the opportunity I will purchase a kit from the teacher every time. That way I am assured that I have the correct items and will hopefully be able to follow along with the teacher. Not to mention the cost savings over buying all that stuff in big sizes.


    • I used to always think I could get/do everything cheaper without a kit, but I have learned to think like you do. So much easier, you know you have what you need, and you don’t have to carry a bunch of extra stuff if you are traveling. Oh, but now *I’m* the teacher…what have I done to myself?


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