I’m Selfish!

I’m hoarding my beading project pictures because I really am too selfish to share this idea. Even though very few people read my blog, I want to be exclusive with these for just a little while! At least until after I teach it a few times. Am I bad? Selfish, but I don’t feel bad…!

I have been contemplating how much teaching I want to pursue. Just as I think it may be winding down, I get inquiries for more. So I’ve pretty much decided that I won’t say no to anything that comes up for at least the next year. If I can come up with a book idea that isn’t lame or hasn’t already been done, maybe I’ll be able to extend that. I’m always adjusting with life circumstances, because once again, I am one of the luckiest people on earth. I don’t have to make a living through my quilting. I get to pick and choose what I pursue and maybe be as lazy as I wish…teaching and going after teaching venues takes hard work!

Today is a prep day for a class I’m taking. Do I need to take classes, with all my years of experience? Of course I do! There is always something else to be learned and a class is dedicated time set aside for a quilting activity. Value all the way around.

Just quick pics from the garden today and then back to work. I do want to create a beading sampler as an alternative teaching example…


Hey! This is post number 200…we do like to keep track of those big, even numbers, don’t we!


2 thoughts on “I’m Selfish!

  1. Kathy I am going through similar questions about how much I want to share. I’m going full tilt but sometimes I wonder about sharing too much. I enjoyed your garden pics-the beauty of summer captured!


    • It sounds like you are on a carousel that keeps spinning faster and faster! I’m trying to keep mine spinning slowly. In my mind, I’m trying to make a distinction between sharing and giving away what you are trying to earn money with. Sometimes the distinction isn’t very easy when you have to give some to get some! Let’s just try to stay on that tightrope as long as we can!


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