Admiration and Envy!

I took a free motion quilting class from one of my long time idols, Patsy Thompson. Her videos are a big part of what I learned free motion quilting from. (Boy, the grammar in that sentence is awful!) Anyway, her work is absolutely  wonderful and I was so happy to be able to take a free motion feathers class from her. I learned sooooooooo much!

I’m always amazed when teachers I have had analyze what they do and how they do it. I don’t analyze; I just do it! I envy those that have that ability because they really have figured out the best way to do what they do and why they do it that way. We spent quite a bit of class time thinking about what we were doing, and my free motion quilting past has not had much thinking involved. We made lots and lots of little quilt samples to learn each aspect of making feathers. Her book explains what we were doing, but it was so much better to hear it, see it and do it all with the expert’s advice.

I keep forgetting to take before and after pictures, but my friends let me take pictures of their quilting about half-way throught the day. This one is from someone who had never quilted feathers before.

I’m sorry I didn’t get an after because the improvement was so dramatic!

Unlearning is often difficult, but having learned feathers previously and now learning a different method, I’d say this is an awesome job. And that analysis of how and why that I mentioned earlier is why she was making the change! It works better to do it Patsy’s way.

Here are a couple of pictures comparing Patsy’s samples to what I was doing! I thought this made a good joke!

I think you’ll see that no matter how fancy I try to make my little swirls and squiggles, I still need lots more practice! But it was so much fun to try all the different styles, that now I don’t want to do anything BUT practice, practice, practice. Feathers are so beautiful and it’s so nice to be able to do them…and with a little planning of the layout, the finished product is even more beautiful. Thanks for a good class, Patsy!