Almost as Exciting As….

I got my copy of The Quilt Life today. Here’s the cover

…at least the interesting part that has the title of MY article, Instant Designs!

This is my first published article and it is almost as exciting as getting the first copies of my book!

Here’s my actual name on the table of contents page!

I now understand the descriptions I have read in books about the thrill of having a byline in a newspaper. It’s just as thrilling to see that byline on a magazine page.

Normally I would try to be philosophical or funny, but I’m just quietly happy that I have met one more of my goals.


24 thoughts on “Almost as Exciting As….

  1. Congrats! Unfortunately I canceled my sub for this after the first year because it has so much blah, blah, blah but who knew you would be in it? Great going.


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