New Tool for the Toolbox

Every time I learn a new technique, I feel like I’m getting a new tool for my little toolbox of knowledge. Of course it’s an elastic toolbox so it will never get full!

The Knot Even Quilters met at Linda’s house tonight to learn about  screen printing with thickened dyes. I’ve only been intermittently interested in learning screen printing so I went with no expectations or preconceived ideas. Linda thinks she was disorganized, but she really did us a favor. She did not have screens made so she set us to the task of assembling them. That was great because it gave us a greater appreciation of how much prep work needs to be done for the process. She had some thermofax screens from Lynn Krawczyk so we had a chance to work with pre-made designs and designing our own.

I actually remembered to bring my camera and got several pics of what we were doing and what we produced–and Kathy S. even managed to get a picture of me. See–I don’t just write about this stuff, I actually do it!

This was really fun!

See-I'm actually screen printing!

Linda led us through making freezer paper templates, to screening over string, multiple colors at once and to deconstructed printing with water soluble crayons. It was a very educational night but I believe I will be thinking and planning what I actually want to achieve before I do it again. This just seems like purposeful printing will be more productive for me than random-printing-and-hope-to-use-it-sometime. However, I now know where I can borrow screens!

Take a nice pictorial stroll through some of what what we produced. I didn’t get pictures of everything.

Water soluble crayons-deconstructed

Some of us are more subtle with tone-on-tone!


Great lesson, Linda!


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  1. What great results! I wish I could have been there. The deconstructive printing is something I would like to pursue myself.


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