Which Way To Go?

Just heading down to my studio every day with no expectations is a wonderful feeling. I never have issues with what to create, because I can get myself started with any scrap from the scrap basket. What stalls me, though, is working on something just for fun when I know that I have upcoming comittments that are not 100% ready to go. Do I take time to play or do I take care of the obligations first so that there is no last minute panic? Can I handle the lingering undercurrent of guilt if I play instead of putting work first? But my work is also a lot of fun!

Guess what? I think I can cover both bases. I have a piece that I’ve been dragging around for a sample for over a year. It could continue to be a sample, but if I put it together it can graduate to a different kind of sample! Or even a finished piece. And I can play at being creative. Then maybe tomorrow I can organize my stuff for the library night and DesMoines.

This definitely needs some work!

Promoting myself reminders:

Spontaneous Quilt Adventures, Tecumseh District Library, Tuesday, Sept. 13, 7 PM.

Flower Circle Play 21 x 21

American Quilters Society, DesMoines IA, Sept. 28-Oct. 1

Basic Beading on Quilts, The Quilt Patch, Oct. 15, 10:30-4:00

All right–decision made. I’m going to work on the sample first and then organize my work stuff! Fun keeps me happy and wanting to work more!


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    • Been there, done that, too! I’ll take out fabrics and look at them and then get some more and look at them and then put them away without ever doing anything but look!


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