Gathering Pieces

Sometimes it takes all day to get the brain working. I went down to the studio convinced that I was going to work on something that could allow me to use my new blue beads. I pulled fabrics from this stack and that stack. I tried combination after combination. I even took time out for a nap–after all, today is a holiday!

Nothing worked.

Giving up seemed so defeatist. There had to be something that would work! Well, when I gave up the blue bead idea everything just fell into place.

My hand dyes that I had screen printed, my one-bucket dyed fabrics, a watercolor that I had done…here are the pieces that I started with…

  Screen printing

  Inspiration painting

  The left side of this photo is the background fabric!

I started fusing and cutting and arranging and I ended up with a piece that I really like. It feels like my painting to me. It’s certainly not a literal copy, but another interpretation and I’m eager to continue with it.

  It gives me the feeling I was going for when viewed from this distance and I’m happy with the detail so far from this distance.

  I want it to be a piece that needs beading, but it may not want to have that added embellishment. I’m pretty sure it won’t be the round glass beads I’ve been using, but perhaps some of the clay or porcelain ones…I have some from Africa, too….

I’m excited to keep working on it and see what all it has to say to me. It’s speaking rather loudly right now, so I need to listen.


4 thoughts on “Gathering Pieces

    • I’m working on it! Today it asked for a grid of thread…that’s all I had time for while doing laundry and finishing another piece!!! Can’t wait to see what happens next!


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