And the Grid Goes On!

Nothing has changed my mind about the grid for my latest project. I’ve quilted a grid with several colors of thread and large stitches that I hope will show up. Today I dug around in my bead box–admittedly not much of a stash there, yet!–but I knew I had some beads that I picked up in the bargain box at a gem show that I thought would work well. Yay! I found them and they are working great…larger than the ones I’ve been using and different materials, but so much fun to have the variety.

Of course, I needed a few more from the bead store…so all I have for you today are a few detail shots of some of my beading. Sometimes I feel that beading goes so slowly and sometimes I can’t believe how quickly I can get some beads on. I had both of those feelings as I worked today!

Here’s what I have to show you

I’m not sure they all look like they are on the same piece, but it will all come together in the end. And if it doesn’t, it isn’t the end!!!!


4 thoughts on “And the Grid Goes On!

    • Super–I want to give the impression of little buildings and little pathways and all the clutter that goes with a city. Lots more to do on it, but I’m having lots of fun, too!


  1. Not sure if you want the grids to be more in the background or featured. But here is another idea for you.
    Linda Lindsey from the AA quilt guild did a talk at the Monroe quilt guild last night and she is doing something very nice on some of her bags. She is using her decorative stitches from her machine (nothing fancy just the basic ones almost everyone gets these days) to quilt and then she accents those stitches with beads. It looked so elegant on some and funky on others. I liked it because it took some of the guess work out of where to bead.
    She used many different sizes and kinds to get all different kinds of looks but because she was following the lines so to speak it look well planned and executed. I checked out her web site, Square Rose, but she doesn’t have any pictures on there yet since she is redoing her site. But she does teach classes to those that are interested. Not that you NEED a class but it might be cool to pick up some different ideas for beading in the future.


    • Sounds like she is a person that I should meet! And classes are always a great way to learn something new. I long ago got over the notion that I know it all, so I’m always eager to hear from a new teacher. Thanks for the input.


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