Doing the Work

The planning and the sewing of my City piece was very quick and I definitely love it. But right now I’m into the time consuming detail work. The base is a half-yard piece of fabric and that’s the largest size for a piece I’ve beaded…it’s taking a lot of beads and a lot of time! I keep adding and adding beads, but there is still so much bare space! I was afraid that it would get too glitzy, but I’m not even close to regular glitz yet, much less over the top!

I certainly don’t want this to sound like I’m complaining, ’cause I surely am not! I’m loving every moment of my beading and I’m looking forward to adding some more stitch work, too. It’s just that there isn’t much to post about when I’m only working on one project for an extended period. Daily progress is next to nothing and would be boring!

Looking forward to some busy days, however. Tomorrow I’m speaking at Tecumseh District Library, telling everyone about my path from traditional quilter to rule-breaking author. Doesn’t everyone love talking about themselves? Greg and Casey will be back for a couple of days later this week–hooray! Taking a class next Sunday, I have a demo at the quilt store and then we leave for AQS Des Moines–5 days of teaching and quilt immersion…mmmmm. I’m glad that Keith is going with me, but I’m afraid of how bored he might be. Hope there’s a golf course close and a pool at the hotel!

I have lots of prep yet to do and lots of practicing to do with my speech/powerpoint. I’m so much better when I’m holding up actual quilts than using those pictures, but I must get used to it. I don’t want to stay in the Dark Ages of Technology forever. And since I just can’t do a post with NO pictures, I’ll show you a couple from my presentation.

All these words…yadda, yadda, yadda…just to say that I have lots of necessary work to do and not much to post about, so I may not post too often over the next couple of weeks. And sitting here at the computer is just procrastination…!


4 thoughts on “Doing the Work

  1. We went to a long arm show a few years back in southern Indiana somewhere. They actually had bus tours and things too. Mark went on a tour of a Frank Lloyd Wright house and a couple of other places. He had a great time!


  2. Have fun in Des Moines! My hubby came with me to Long Beach and scheduled golf therapy while he was there-he was a happy unit! Hope your Keith finds some great golf and swimming.


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