And There Was Chocolate Left…

But not very much! My little talk at the Tecumseh District Library tonight was so much fun. There were about 4 times as many peole there as I hoped for, much less expected! Chuck and the other library people were pleased and surprised as well. There were a lot of people that I knew, but quite a few strangers who just wanted to hear about quilting.

Advice--start with a fabric that you love, love, love!


I really love talking about my passion for quilting. That sounds better than saying I really love talking about myself!!! Of course I forgot to ask someone to take pictures…I still am just not used to having a camera at all times.

Lots of good questions, about drawing and pre-planning and thread and batting and fabric and colors….This is just so much my cup of tea. I totally enjoyed myself tonight and I thank everyone who came for making it such a lot of fun.

Showed a bunch of quilts, including this one.



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