Stacking and Packing

Getting things organized and ready for teaching in DesMoines…finally!!! I’m a great procrastinator and I have a whole week before I have to leave, but I was starting to feel a little antsy about making sure that I had everything I will need.  Here are the little piles I’m starting for each class.

For Quick Start Quilting

I prefer to demonstrate very little and make my students use the design side of their brains, but processes and techniques absolutely must be demonstrated. Here’s the stack for the landscape class that I really prefer to do in abstract design rather than anything realistic.

Several techniques to demo for Up and Away!

The most basic class I teach is very light on technique but can be stunning in design. I can’t wait to get to this one, even though there is not much to the stack of class materials!

It always works better to show actual fabrics and how I select them.

I’m quite nervous about my little speech, and I know exactly why…I’m working from a prepared script that will coordinate with my power point. Usually I speak off the cuff, gauging what’s working and what’s not by audience reaction. After all, with all the Irish in my blood, BS comes pretty naturally. Extemporaneous speech is very easy, but what I say should actually match the pictures I’m showing, so I’ve got to get some practice in with that.

But Friday and Saturday were all about family and that was so wonderful. Greg and Casey were here, we had AJ as usual and Jeff and Deb were here by dinnertime. We had a fire in the backyard, roasted marshmallows, got all stinky smoky and enjoyed each other’s company. We went out for breakfast on Sunday and Greg and Casey were back on the road. It was a wonderful visit!

Sunday was also my second workshop with Patsy Thomson. We were working on leaf blocks–how to embroider and applique and sew on them to make those appliques really stand out. I got the concepts and learned the technicalities, but I was very disappointed in my own fabric choices. I was so determined to use my own hand dyes that I could not admit that my colors were not the best. Here are the individual leaves…I just could not make that fern speak happily to my inner voice!


I actually loved the cutout part of making this leaf and plan on doing more of this type of thing…not necessarily with leaves!

This is, in theory, how they are supposed to go together to be finished. I don’t think this is one that I will actually put together, but I may try it again with different fabrics.

For now, this will just go into my brain filing system, which sometimes fails me, so I have paper references, too!!

I’ll be going back to stacking and packing again until I feel confident that I am actually taking everything with me that I will need. And I need to practice, practice, practice that speech!


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