Ready or Not…

Still organizing and packing and trying to get what I need for my computer to connect to a projector! I decided to throw this last stack of ‘stuff’ in for my borders class, just because I didn’t really have anything for that class! One sample is not enough for the imagination of most of us and I don’t feel bad cutting up my own fabric rather than a student’s…especially if it’s an ‘oops!’

I’ve been working on my latest beading project…turned out to be much more work than I thought it would be, but I’m really loving it. No new pics, but I’m adding more hand stitching as well as the beads. I’m starting to wonder if that piece will ever tell me that it’s done!!! But I’m so happy with it…it feels like I’ve finally started to create ‘art’ and not mainly contemporary quilts. So, as I’m sitting and sewing, I have plans in my head for what I’d like to bead next, just as I imagine most of us do. Daydreams that may never materialize.

Well, my friend Linda called and said I needed to come down to the quilt store because they just got some new fabric that I needed to get before it was gone. I’m often skeptical about that, but Linda knows me and my taste pretty well. It’s a line designed by Stephanie Brandenburg (sp?) and it is just spectacular. THIS

is almost exactly the flower I was daydreaming about! It’s huge and beautiful and I can’t wait to work on it. The other half of the yardage I bought has this amazing flower on it…

There were two more huge flowers in the fabric at the shop, but these two are the ones that had to come home with me. There were some co-ordinating fabrics, too, but I was able to restrain myself to small pieces of those. I did have to have this one other panel, however, and I’m really afraid to see if there other fabrics in the line that my LQS did not order!!!

I had heard mention of this line coming out right after my friends went to spring market, but I had pushed it to the back of my mind. I am so very glad that my friend Linda was working today and that she knows me well enough to give me that call!

I’m so strapped for time that I don’t have time to breathe before we leave for AQS DesMoines, but I really want to prep that fabric and take it with me…where is that day stretcher?…I could use 36 hours a day for the next few days!!!!


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    • I am just very excited to be going and I expect to have a great time under any circumstances!!! Hope I remember to bring my camera AND remember to actually take it out and use it!


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