Halloween Holiday

Yes, I think Halloween should be a National Holiday! After all, it’s my husband’s birthday and our anniversary…41 years! It’s also a day for dressing up and playing, for being someone else for a little while, for candy and treats and children’s excitement and laughter. Unlike the pressures of Christmas, where we have to get the right gift for everyone, Halloween is pure happy enjoyment.

My grandson, the wonderful Mr. AJ, is crazy about fire trucks and ambulances and anything with lights and bells and sirens. What could be more fun for him than being a fireman for Halloween?  He also loves trains and tractors and dump trucks and diggers, but since he thinks they are alive and real, it’s a little more difficult to dress as a combine! So, fireman it is and he is so happy! That’s what a real holiday is all about!

My husband and I are so very lucky. We have every “thing” we need, though a million dollars and a descent into decadence would never be rejected! We have wonderful children, a marvelous grandchild, huge extended families with whom we have great times. We live in a good place (except for the hateful mid-winter blah time!) and have interesting hobbies that we love.

Life is good and I am grateful, but would it really be too much to ask for a real Halloween Holiday? I think NOT!


More screen printing with thickened dyes today…results for me were very mixed. We had our usual over abundance of supplies, screens, stencils. Couldn’t have asked for anything more.

We screened and stenciled and just painted on the dyes.

And we all ended up with dye covered hands to show just how hard we worked and how much fun we had!

However, much of the dye from my fabrics did not take…just washed right out. I know that we used up some old dyes, so my guess is that that was most of the problem. I was impatient and did not leave the fabric to set as long as usual, but the dye I mixed fresh today worked fine. So, lesson learned…use up all your mixed dye quickly. Don’t try to use old stuff!

But it was fun…………..

Fall Inspiration

There is always inspiration to find in the outdoors–or in a conservatory–and I can almost already see the quilts that will be made from these.

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It’s so worth leaving the studio to see the wonders around us and be refreshed and inspired!


The sunflower project will be ongoing for quite a while. I didn’t really grasp how long it takes to do encrusted beading on a piece…and now I’m using some teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy beads to make color outlines on the petals. It’s working out well so far–click on the pics for a closer look.

The plan is still to use the bigger, chunky beads to fill in between these lines, but I will not be covering every inch of fabric with them!

All my company will be leaving today, moving on to visit other relatives and then head back home. It’s been a wonderful visit and I’ll miss them. They, however, will NOT miss the cool weather…I guess they love living in Florida for a reason!

And I will have no reason not to get this project done as quickly as those teeny, tiny, itsy bitsy beads will allow!

Always Good—New Learning

Finally was able to catch up with Lynn Krawczyk and take her class on Remnant Collage. She is the screen printing queen, but this class covered so much more! I was hoping to expand my knowledge of screen printing, and I certainly did. However, the focus of the class was how to create a collage from those small bits and pieces that we hoard because “I’ll use that someday…” and someday finally came. I learned so much about creating depth and interest from the background up…it was exactly what I needed, what I felt I so lacked. Lynn did a great job and I loved that she had time to give us the individual help and attention that we all needed. My most valuable “take-away” I think, is that she believes it’s not enough to say you don’t like something. You need to analyze WHY you don’t like it and figure out what needs to be done to fix it. And she offered so many different fixes…I feel a growth spurt coming on! I may not do a lot of work in her style of collage, but everything I learned can be applied to my style of working also and I plan to use it.

I took tons of pictures because everyone was coming up with so many unique, cool ideas that we all wanted to capture them for future reference. I’ll just put them in a slideshow collage for you so you can get an impression of all the creativity in action as we all developed our projects! It was wonderful.

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FYI: this might be my only post until next week. Lots of family coming for a visit and I’ll be enjoying them rather than working in the studio!

I Must Be Crazy!

I am well and truly obsessed. I can’t get enough of this beading stuff!

Center of the sunflowers–

Had to stop for bedtime, because I couldn't keep my eyes open!!!

Aren’t these beads fabulous?

What a variety! I love them!

One section done!

And this is what I have planned for the petals…

Big, chunky beads...

Too much over the top? Should I go with smaller beads, and waves of color lines? My heart says it’s a dark piece and over the top will be okay. My brain says it might be more effective to have lines of color rather than flashy hunks. Maybe there’s a way to have BOTH!

I really think I must be crazy!