Not with the fun, new toys but with felt. I thought my sunflower would work if I used felt instead of batting…flat quilted surface and firm support for the beads. I asked for input from the quiltart list and several people told me to use wool blend felt instead of poly blend, and of course it’s poly blend that I have.

I didn’t want to wait…but I thought maybe I should at least see and feel the difference at the store (I’m going tomorrow) before I decided. And the felt that was laying out on the table seemed to be getting a little wavy edge just laying there. So I figured out an experiment…

I cut a piece of the felt, quilted a block, washed it, twisted it up when I was wringing it out, used my hottest iron setting to iron it and then hung bags of beads to simulate bead weight and hung it up. I’m going to see if there is any pulling, twisting or waviness before I go any further.

I want to do needle felting and beading on a regular basis and I think I want to use felt more for batting and even backing, so it will be worth it to me to experiment a little more and see how different commercial products work. I also have some felted wool sweaters and yardage that will be seeing the needles of the felting machine soon, too.

I guess my whole artsy life is just one big experiment…when I quit experimenting and playing, I’ll most likely no longer feel like an artist—or I’ll be in the next life!!!!!!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Experimenting…

    • So far it looks like this felt will work just fine. I’ve washed it, twisted it, ironed it and hung it with stuff and it’s working just fine. I’m ready to move forward with it!


  1. I use the cheap-o acrylic felt all the time and its fine. BUT I don’t machine quilt and I now attach almost everything to canvas.

    But I have done several pieces that hung without canvas that used felt and were heavily hand stitched and had weightier embellishments on there. So what’s the point of all my rambling? You were smart to do a test on the cheaper felt – I think it might work fine for you. The wool stuff is costly.


    • My experiment is looking good, so right now it’s looking like a go for the felt I have here already. I may pick up some small pieces of wool felt today for another experiment using that!


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