Day of Experiments…

News flash…watching discharge paste dry is just as exciting as watching paint dry! And it takes just as long…

This is the stencil I decided to try out with the discharge paste, and with the paste still wet, you can see what it’s supposed to look like.

Learning point #1–if you only put the paste around the edges, that’s the only spot that will lighten up…and it leaves a line, and the tree doesn’t show up too well.

So I went back over the piece all the way to the edge with another coat of discharge paste. I couldn’t eliminate the line entirely, but it made the tree stand out a little…no, a lot…better.

Learning point #2–stencils with fine lines need to be well stuck down or the paste will leak underneath and the final color will not be as bright/dark as the original. Sometimes this is fine, but on this particular tree, I think I would have liked brighter pink all the way through.

Final edition: this fabric wasn’t awesomely beautiful to start with, but it worked for an experiment. I probably won’t use this piece, but I learned a lot.

Experiment 2–Smooch paint sticks

These are like little airbrushes in a bottle, with metallic. The colors I bought are generally dark, with one ‘vanilla mist.’ I only sprayed a couple of colors on this fabric, using stencils again. The paint came out a little heavier than I had thought and ideally I should have masked around the stencils as I used them to avoid overspray.

You can see the metallic glints better in the gold than the navy.

Just a spritz of red, too! There is a piece I have that I thought was finished, but I’m thinking that with careful masking, adding some shadows would enhance it. With heat setting, this would be more permanent than pencils and I like the spray better than a brushed paint.

More experiments need to be done with this stuff. Oh, yeah, clean up on the stencils was a simple wash in the sink. That was a good thing!

And my felting experiment? I’m going ahead with that as originally planned. The heavy bags of beads I pinned to my small block pulled on it a little, but not more than I would expect over unevenly distributed heaviness. The beading I have planned should be just fine…and the responses I got from everyone encouraged me to try it out. Wool felt might be better, but I’ll try that on the next one.


5 thoughts on “Day of Experiments…

    • The Smooch paints I got were from Embellishment Village. I’m sure they will be available all over at some point, but EV seems to get new stuff first! I don’t paint much right now, but I think I’ll be adding it more. I especially like the idea of a spritz of color and shine just to add a little zest to a spot here and there. Fun stuff!


  1. I think the tree came out pretty good. I’m impressed that with colors that weren’t super dark (I’ve only ever used discharge paste on very dark fabric) that there was such good definition of the image.

    And I’m intrigued by the smooch paints – might have to try one of those when I come across them.


    • Maybe it’s because I use a lot of pigment when I dye fabric, and that piece was one of my dyes. I’m going to do more discharge dyeing!!!

      It’s looking more and more like I’ll be able to come to your Remnants class…I’ll know by Weds. I’ll bring those paints.


      • Oh great! For some reason I cannot find your email address – shoot me a quick note at when you can. I’ll include you on the email I’m sending out to students today in case you can make it so you will know what to bring. Thanks! 🙂


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