Do More, More, More

Not too long ago, I would have declared this piece done at this point and been very happy with it. (The photo looks very crooked, but it really is quite straight!)

This thick thread would have been a wh00-hoo extra just a few weeks ago.


Now I want to see it with more, more, more stuff! I have so many beads that will look good on it…

I don’t know if I should try to limit myself or go totally over the edge.



12 thoughts on “Do More, More, More

  1. I have to ask. You layer and quilt the fabric sandwich, and then bead, correct? I too ordered this sunflower, because of your blog. It’s gorgeous! Can’t wait to play with it! Thanks.


    • On my small beaded projects I found it easier to layer and quilt to a lining (or just the batting) and then finish with a backing sewn and turned like a pillowtop. I then added just a bit more quilting to hold that layer down, where there were no beads, or fused the back on did an alternate edge finish. On one I recently finished I did that and then ended up adding a whole lot more hand stitching with heavy threads. On this sunflower one, it’s all quilted and bound and I will be trying my best to bead with no threads showing on the back! I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes!


  2. Go totally over the edge. What’s the worst that can happen? I doubt if anyone will die if you do. HA! I have your construction package all ready to go for tomorrow. I just have to remember to grab it!


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