Always Good—New Learning

Finally was able to catch up with Lynn Krawczyk and take her class on Remnant Collage. She is the screen printing queen, but this class covered so much more! I was hoping to expand my knowledge of screen printing, and I certainly did. However, the focus of the class was how to create a collage from those small bits and pieces that we hoard because “I’ll use that someday…” and someday finally came. I learned so much about creating depth and interest from the background up…it was exactly what I needed, what I felt I so lacked. Lynn did a great job and I loved that she had time to give us the individual help and attention that we all needed. My most valuable “take-away” I think, is that she believes it’s not enough to say you don’t like something. You need to analyze WHY you don’t like it and figure out what needs to be done to fix it. And she offered so many different fixes…I feel a growth spurt coming on! I may not do a lot of work in her style of collage, but everything I learned can be applied to my style of working also and I plan to use it.

I took tons of pictures because everyone was coming up with so many unique, cool ideas that we all wanted to capture them for future reference. I’ll just put them in a slideshow collage for you so you can get an impression of all the creativity in action as we all developed our projects! It was wonderful.

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FYI: this might be my only post until next week. Lots of family coming for a visit and I’ll be enjoying them rather than working in the studio!


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