Halloween Holiday

Yes, I think Halloween should be a National Holiday! After all, it’s my husband’s birthday and our anniversary…41 years! It’s also a day for dressing up and playing, for being someone else for a little while, for candy and treats and children’s excitement and laughter. Unlike the pressures of Christmas, where we have to get the right gift for everyone, Halloween is pure happy enjoyment.

My grandson, the wonderful Mr. AJ, is crazy about fire trucks and ambulances and anything with lights and bells and sirens. What could be more fun for him than being a fireman for Halloween?  He also loves trains and tractors and dump trucks and diggers, but since he thinks they are alive and real, it’s a little more difficult to dress as a combine! So, fireman it is and he is so happy! That’s what a real holiday is all about!

My husband and I are so very lucky. We have every “thing” we need, though a million dollars and a descent into decadence would never be rejected! We have wonderful children, a marvelous grandchild, huge extended families with whom we have great times. We live in a good place (except for the hateful mid-winter blah time!) and have interesting hobbies that we love.

Life is good and I am grateful, but would it really be too much to ask for a real Halloween Holiday? I think NOT!


9 thoughts on “Halloween Holiday

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Halloween is just the best! Happy Anniversary to you and yours – ours is today as well. 19 years. My children, 9 and 11 this year, have always asked “What are you going to do for your anniversary?” “Carving pumpkins, and Trick or Treating with you.” has always been my reply. Can’t think of a better way to celebrate our marriage.


    • Our Halloween anniversaries spent Trick or Treating were always a great time and you are right…there is no better way to celebrate marriage than spending time with family! So happy anniversary to you, too!


  2. Happy Halloween / Anniversary. Have a great day quilting and enjoying the great things in life especially, your grandson!


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