What’s New?

With me, that’s going to get a pretty boring answer. My new projects are all still in my head and progress on them is extremely slow that way. I’ve been so completely engrossed in beading my sunflower that I have let everything else go by the wayside. But I have lots of ideas…really I do!

Perhaps I can fool myself into thinking that this is just a period of reflection and contemplation…yeah, that’s it! I’m making plans and working out details in my head so I don’t have problems when I actually sit down to DO something.

I did do this–My hubby gave me a generously large gift certificate to the bead store for our anniversary this week. Usually I hoard gift certificates, always thinking I need to only spend them on special items. This one is gone already! I did buy some beading thread with it, but mostly I just bought more beads. I have sooooo jumped into the deep end of that pool!

Research is being contemplated, but not actually started yet…I want to enter some contests this year and need to find some that fit my goals. Oh…I have set some goals for this year, which is not typical for me! So maybe I really am getting some reflection and planning done.

Classes to teach and speeches to give…coming up and I’m grateful to have them, but I haven’t been actively soliciting for more work. I need to do some of that, but right now I’m very happy with just the amount of work I have booked. Loving teaching as much as I do, I’m a bit disappointed in my own lack of effort, but laziness is a hard habit to shake! It’s not a creative block–it’s a get-to-work block!

Holiday time, too. Thinking about holiday dinners and gifts and who will be visiting whom, when, where…I’m not a big lover of shopping. I’ve adopted my husband’s excellent method of getting a list, going on one day and getting what’s on the list! Not a lot of surprises or foo-foo extras that way, but it gets done in one trip, usually and there’s very little stress. Santa has always done well with lists, so it seems like a good idea to us to use them, too! Maybe I can work on my own list while I’m just “contemplating” life!

Yep…that’s it. I’m just planning my Christmas greed list. I’m thinking it’s going to include more beads…!


6 thoughts on “What’s New?

  1. I’m with you sister, I call it surgical shopping. My teenager hates shopping with me. We split up and do our own thing. Doing some beading myself right now, but not to your extent. I’m sure it will be fab when all is said and done!


    • I was lucky with the teenage daughter…there are several of us sisters-in-law that shopped with each other’s daughters over the years. We did all right with anyone’s daughter but our own! But surgical shopping is a great name for it, and I’m working on getting the lists now!!!


  2. I loved hearing about your thought process. It sounds like you have ideas percolating and the beading is a great meditative piece for that to happen. And you have goals! I’m excited to see what comes out of this time.


    • I DO have ideas percolating, but I’m also doing some procrastinating while I bead! But I’m still always doing something I love, so no matter what I’m working on, it’s fun!


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