My phone and internet have been down for almost a week.  A week… that’s the soonest a repair person was available. I’m not happy about it AT ALL, but it’s one of those things in which I have no choice. But it’s a major bummer. I spent time at the library, checking email, but I couldn’t post on my blog until it got fixed.

The phone line took about 8 minutes to find, diagnose and fix. Not bad, right? 1 minute of repair time for each DAY I had no phone. And then we were told that we most likely wouldn’t have internet for another day, since there was now a major line break somewhere in the state….Whaaaaaat!!!!!

Who knew we would feel so isolated and out of touch without our communicators…oh, sorry, that’s star trek world. But we did feel as though we had been thrust back into the 19th century without the ability to make a phone call or get information easily. Having the phone fixed brought us back into the 20th century but 21st century time only came back with the internet. It’s crazy to be that dependent on technology, but the reality is that we use what we have available!

Now I can tell you how excited I am because (drum roll, please!)……………my sunflower obsession is FINISHED! I have a lovely pic of beads sparkling in the sunshine that I want to share with you.

This sunflower is so lavish with beads…and so HEAVY! But I love it very much and I’m so happy I took the time to add ALL the beads I envisioned. And my hands are so empty without beading to do!

Never fear…I taught a beginning beading on quilts class this weekend. I had a wonderfully fun group and they did so well.

Everyone left with an unfinished project, which I hate, but we just didn’t have time to stay and get it all done. I have high hopes that most of them will be done, because it’s Christmas stuff, small and easy and it will make a great gift even if none of the ladies wants to bead ever again!

I had time to start a couple of other projects, too, but I’ll save those for next time. Still always too many projects and ideas and not enough time. It’s a good problem to have.