Theme, Series or Unimaginative?

It seems that I have done quite a few projects with trees as the subject, going back a few years now. I’m not sure if that indicates a tree theme or if I’m actually working in a series about trees in different aspects or if I really lack the imagination to depict anything else! I’m not going to agonize over it or go into a long philosophical discussion about it…that’s not me! What I’m going to do is just continue making the work and give it a “label” if there comes a point when it’s required. But the question does float through my mind now and then…

So, back to the latest tree project. Several photos follow and I would love your opinions. Remember, I’m trying to decide how best to integrate/separate dainty tree shapes and more amorphous background tree shapes.

Here's the original with no separation of elements.

With one layer of white tulle

One layer of black tulle

Several layers, 4 I think, of white tulle

Two layers of black tulle

What do you think? I’m also now considering some suggestions I got-use it as I pictured it in the original or don’t even add the additional tree figures. That way the conflict disappears!

In the meantime, my whacky group met again to learn a new hexagon folding method. Here’s what I made (green), along with an example from Mary, our instructor for the method. It’s so easy I didn’t even mind doing hand work, but machine finishing is also possible, so I’m ready to experiment some more.

And I don’t hang on to things and spread them out over several posts. I put it all out there at once, because I’m usually working on several things at once. These fabrics are selected for one more example of a “pattern” I’m going to have in a magazine article.

As you may know, my “patterns” are not really matchy-matchy specific, but rather a set of directions for a design process. I need to get at this now, so I can get it done and all sent in.

There you have it–all the stuff I’m working on, as well as a little knitting in the evenings in front of the TV. If I don’t end up posting for a few days, you can make a guess as to why! But once again, the joy of retirement is that I have the time to spend on all of this…I’m so happy!