Will I Work This Week?

Lots of stuff to do, both in the studio and in my ‘real’ life. I want to stuff as much into my studio time as possible this week, but it doesn’t look too promising. Like most everyone else, I have lots to do for Thanksgiving! I’m going to bake pies–first time in lots of years. I mention quite often that I don’t like to cook, and baking is my least favorite part of cooking…but pies? Pretty easy. And I never say that I can’t cook–I can and do pretty well–I just don’t like to! And turkey and stuffing and potatoes and gravy and vegetables are all pretty easy, too.

But my favorite recipe will probably always be–reservations!

None of this for me!!!!

I am also a firm opponent of Black Friday and I love Thanksgiving weekend football games, as well as the two hockey games on the schedule this weekend. So I’m looking forward to the holiday. But I will definitely try to squish in some studio time this week. That keeps me happy!

Hope you have the kind of week you need to have a good Thanksgiving.