Looking for Work…

Not real, serious work, like a job or anything! I don’t like to sit with nothing to read or knit or (now) bead while I listen to the TV and keep hubby company. I’ve done a bit of knitting lately so I was really looking for something, anything to bead. After my October marathon with the sunflower beading, it feels strange not to have a beading needle in my hand!

First I went to the table in my studio that the beads have taken over. I was hoping some beads would inspire me, but this is what I found. What a disaster area!

I did straighten and organize a bit, but I need to take some more time and figure out exactly how I want to store and access and really organize that stuff. Not today, when I’m just looking for something to keep my hands busy.

So I went looking to fabric for inspiration. From another project, I found some leftover pre-quilted black and I knew I had some black and white bead mixes somewhere on the crazy table…aha! found ’em!

Chalked out a simple curvy design and then I laid out the black and white beads on the fabric…not nearly enough contrast. Back to the crazy table—yes! Small red seed beads to follow the outline and then fill in with black and white. And I thought I could just use up the rest of those red beads, but now I’m not sure if I have quite enough. Isn’t that always the way?

I’m not going to go crazy with an over-abundance of beads, but the above is pretty much what I have in mind. The piece is about 14 x 22 or so–I think I’m liking long and skinny lately, too. No big plans for it, but I have always liked black/white/red. It’s a very classic combination and I think I’ll like it when it’s done.


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  1. Oh I know what you mean, I’m no good at sitting still either. Got a little worried when I saw the title of the post – I thought “No! Don’t go back to work!!!” 😉


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