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Color Concepts

Color is what has always drawn me to fabric. Luscious, rich, deep, bright, bold–every descriptive word that can be applied to color has a piece of fabric to match, and most likely there’s a piece in my stash! I’ve never been afraid to combine color and choosing fabrics for a quilt is a joyful experience for me. I don’t know if making pleasing color combos is an instinctive gift or if I have absorbed a lot of color information over the years, but playing with color in fabric, as well as paint, is fun. I even have a lecture I give called ‘Choosing Colors Fearlessly.’ However, in exploring information for that lecture, my personal stock of ‘what I thought I knew’ is starting to undergo a transformation. That stockpile is becoming ‘I don’t know nearly enough’ and I need to do some studying and learning!

I’m ready to re-write that speech, because I feel that my information is not complete enough. It’s accurate, it works, but there is so much more that I could be including. I didn’t do the best job giving this speech with a powerpoint presentation when I was in Des Moines—I do so very much better with actual quilts and samples. So I’m not really eager to re-do the powerpoint, but that exercise may help me clarify how I want to present my additional information. I’m scheduled to give this lecture several times next year and I want it to be good, not just adequate.

One more thing to work on…but I already have so much to do. Whine, whine, whine!!! The real question is how do I want to feel about the quality of my work when I am done giving that speech the next time? Most definitely NOT mediocre. I’m better than that and I want my work to reflect that, so I guess I gotta get to work on color theory and choosing color for quilts. Whine, complain, grumble………..stop it!

Get busy because there is no improvement without putting in the work.

2 thoughts on “Color Concepts

  1. I do a color class and color lecture as well, and I need to upgrade my lecture as well. Thanks for the inspiration, and have fun exploring your personal color journey!


    1. I can’t wait to get deeper into my color exploration. I’ve always felt that I just skim the surface and I want to present better, more useful information. One article to finish and then on to color, color, color!


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