Old Faithful Died…Again!

My irons have generally lasted a long time, in spite of hard water, fusibles, dropping and constant lava heat settings. My latest one died yesterday–of course as I was working on a project with a deadline!

I do have a backup that I truly keep just in case of this situation. It’s not that old and it’s quite heavy, but I don’t put water in it and it’s here when I need it. Thanks, Backup!

My dependable backup!

An immediate replacement for the deader-than-a-doornail-iron was urgent. Look at this cute little beauty that I picked up.

Isn't she cute?

Lightweight, variable steam, non-stick soleplate and does not have that stupid retractable cord that I hate! And best of all, it was cheap!!!! Under $20 cheap. I’m in bargain hunter’s heaven! I plugged it in today and it even worked. So all is well on the essential iron front once again. Whew! Crisis averted!

And I finally am calling this piece finished. I’m not sure what else I would do to it to be completely happy with it. To be honest, I’m not sure I will ever completely like it. These were the fabrics we got from our last challenge at my wacky group and after seeing a few of the other projects, I liked mine even less. Well, it is what it is and I’m moving on and away from this piece.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Our next group meeting is our Christmas pot luck. Since we have moved our meetings to mornings, this should be interesting to see what everyone brings for a brunch pot luck!

Lots of work to do today and here I sit, playing on the computer and drinking coffee! I do have such a sweet life, though!