Time and Goals

Never enough time and goals that are weakly defined…a combination that leads to procrastination, frantic last-minutes and long hours of non-productivity. I don’t run out of ideas. I just get lazy and run out of ambition. And then I feel like a real slacker…it’s not a pretty cycle.

Today is a not-enough-time day. My ideas are running full force, my work ethic is high, and I can’t get it done quickly enough. I must document, document, document though and the constant picture taking interrupts the work flow. My mind set needs to change to incorporate the picture taking as part of the working process. It’s very strange to me and still feels like so much of an intrusion.

However, even my weakest goals require pictures! I’m learning more about my camera features than I even knew it had. Lighting adjustments are my biggest discovery and the biggest help to my picture quality. I still have so very much to learn, but I have learned that I am not in love with photography. It will never be more than a tool to me, not a new hobby. I greatly admire those who can seemingly effortlessly compose and take beautiful photos. My son-in-law is one of those people and I will gratefully accept his advice whenever I can get it!

Photo by Jeff King

For now, I will muddle along trying to make sure that I snap that shutter and have the photos I need when my goal keeping requires them. Positive thoughts–learning new techniques, changing old habits–it all keeps my mind sharp and I am never, ever bored!


6 thoughts on “Time and Goals

  1. Well written thoughts! I never ever have enough time or finish enough pieces. “Muddle through” and “just show up” are two of my mottos also.


    • There’s a lot of ad-libbing done on those ‘just show up’ moments, but my daughter always encourages me by reminding me that I KNOW what I’m talking about, so just keep talking!


  2. I tell myself–and other people say the same thing–just do the work. All else will fall into place. It’s a herky-jerky pace, but things DO get done. It’s a great life–if you don’t weaken!


  3. Your post could not have come at a better TIME… your feelings mirror my own these days! In fact, I’m going to print this one and put it up in my studio where I can read it. Thank you so much!


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